Tangled pantograph stops CR trains

Sep 22, 2013, 03:21 IST | Vedika Chaubey

Several passengers walking on the tracks escape death by a whisker as they spot a train coming from the opposite direction at the last moment

It was a bad day for daily commuters on Central Railway after the pantograph of one of the trains got entangled with an overhead wire in the afternoon, bringing services to an abrupt halt. Passengers were seen jumping off from the train.

A major accident was averted when alert passengers shouted a warning to those on the tracks to move away, as a train from the opposite direction hurtled towards them. The incident took place at 12.32 pm, when a pantograph of the Kalyan-CST down train became entangled with an overhead wire between Kurla and Sion stations. This is the first such case involving a 15-rake fast train.

The pantograph is mounted on the  train roof to collect power through an overhead wire. Pic/ Pramod Mahajan

Anil Raikar, a passenger travelling on the train, said he escaped death by a whisker. “As the train had stopped and other passengers had started jumping off, I too jumped off thinking I would walk on the tracks. Suddenly we heard people shouting and moving away from the track. Within seconds UP train whizzed past us.”

“A Kalyan-CSTM 15-car rake local was held up between Kurla and Sion beacause of the incident. The affected train was cancelled and sent to the Kurla car shed and two other trains were diverted on other lines,” said a Central Railway spokesperson.

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