Tantric sex in your bedroom

Jul 06, 2012, 10:10 IST | Agencies

The word Tantra comes from Sanskrit words 'Tanoi' which means expand and 'Trayati' which means tool. Thus, Tantra can be translated as tool for expansion

Every sexual experience also every all experience you have in life is an opportunity to explore and expand your consciousness. It's more about attitude than technique. There are many Tantric techniques that can improve and enrich your sex life in your bedroom.

Sex and relationships, Tantric sex in your bedroom

Tantra is far deeper and more complex than the stereotypical depictions suggest; it's an ancient spiritual tradition that recognizes sexuality as a tool for personal evolution.

One of the great things about Tantra is that you don't have to buy into any pre-ordained set of beliefs or go to any extremes; there are simple, practical things you can do that can be very effective. While it's a way of life for some, it doesn't have to be for you.

Forget about Sex and the City and American Pie. You don't have to get all goofy, weird and mystical about it. You just have to learn to focus a little and become more aware and attentive. And what about Sting? You don't need to go for seven hours at a time, or even three or four, but prolonging arousal will make your sexual experiences a lot more powerful.

In purely Western physiological terms, you will go into an altered state, a kind of runners high, if you keep yourself excited for 30 minutes or more. It doesn't have to be intercourse; you just have to be turned on for that long. All the techniques that seem so goofy and all the mystery can be reduced to the simple fact that the longer you stay excited (within reason) the better your sexual experience will be. 

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