Tara Reid hits nightclub days after hospitalisation

Jul 26, 2012, 07:33 IST | IANS

Actress Tara Reid, who was admitted to hospital with food poisoning while on holiday here, was seen smoking cigarettes out and about in Saint-Tropez.

Reid was spotted in South of France Tuesday where she spent time on the beach and enjoyed a speedboat ride, and the 36-year-old blonde took to her twitter account to post a picture of herself feeling happy and healthy to reassure fans she is okay, reports contactmusic.com.

Tara Reid
Tara Reid. Pic/Santa Banta

In a message accompanying the image, she tweeted: "Happy and healthy in Saint -Tropez." She was initially thought to have been taken ill with acute pancreatitis and also hurt her back on a jet ski.

"Everyone of these stories I am reading about myself are not true I got hurt on a jetski and went to the hospital to get x-ray and I'm fine. "Jetski's are fun but you have to be safe they can be very dangerous," she tweeted. 

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