'Teachers are forced to give marks to students who don't submit projects'

Jul 26, 2014, 06:50 IST | Shreya Bhandary

Teachers of the junior section of SIWS College in Wadala claim that undeserving students are faring well in exams because of the internal marking provision; also allege that attendance is manipulated

Marks scored in exams are usually proportional to the hard work put in by students. Some professors from the junior college section of SIWS College in Wadala would beg to differ. These teachers contend that some students are getting great scores thanks to the internal marking, even though they don’t submit the projects.

SIWS college principal P G Gopalakrishnan
SIWS college principal P G Gopalakrishnan

The teachers allege that the college principal has been putting pressure on them to bestow marks upon students even if they haven’t bothered to attend lectures. Under the Maharashtra state board, students are evaluated in the two categories of theory and internal assessment, in an 80:20 ratio.

For internal assessment, which is conducted by the college professors themselves, students are asked to submit projects worth 20 marks. “Before submission, I was asked to give marks even to those students who didn’t submit projects.

I was told that those students would later appear for a written test so as to justify the marks, but that never happened. I wrote to the principal about this issue, but never got a reply,” said one of the teachers, on condition of anonymity. “While students are promoted every year, no attention is given to the quality of education that they have received,” added another professor.

Other teachers also expressed their unhappiness about the system followed in the college to mark attendance of students. “We are only asked to mark the attendance of students who are present, and told to keep the slots empty next to the names of absentees. Students who default on attendance are not supposed to give the exams.

However, miraculously, all students end up giving the exam even though we know for a fact that a bunch of them never attend regular lectures. Even attendance sheets are manipulated,” said another professor. She added that the principal has never replied to her numerous queries on the matter. Many teachers have spoken to the management about the issue.

“I have submitted a series of complaints against the college principal to the institution’s office as well as the management, but I am yet to receive replies to the same. No action has been taken and by the looks of it, I don’t think anything will change anytime soon,” said another professor.

When mid-day spoke to the college trustee Dr Venkatesh, he directed us to the chairman of the college committee Mr Shivkumar, who said, “The only person who interacts with the media is Dr Venkatesh and you should speak to him about this issue.”

College principal P G Gopalakrishnan rubbished claims made by teachers, but agreed that he has received many complaints from them about discrepancies in the rules followed in college.

“We follow all rules prescribed by the state board; teachers who are not doing their work as per instructions are the ones complaining right now. We will form a committee to look into all these allegations,” he said.

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