Teachers, parents file complaint against principal for abusive remarks

May 18, 2013, 10:53 IST | Kranti Vibhute

Offensive remarks have compelled nine teachers of a Bhayander school to lodge a police complaint against their principal for insult and criminal intimidation; 83 parents have levelled similar accusations against her with the management

Parents and teachers associated with Abhinav Shetkari Mandal School in Bhayander (East) have had enough of the reign of terror allegedly unleashed by the principal Veena Sunder in the school. While 83 parents have filed complaints against Sunder with the management, nine teachers have complained to the Navghar police as well as the management.

No role model: Parents and students have alleged that Abhinav Shetkari Mandal School’s principal Veena Sunder (inset) passes offensive remarks on caste and religion in classes and often slaps students. She has also been accused of conducting five-mark exams and withholding the results till parents pay fees

Sunder recently caused outrage among parents when she asked them why they had kids when they could not afford to pay their fees. Parents were also shocked when they learnt that two subjects were taught simultaneously to 150 kids during one single period.

The two teachers were so desperate to finish their respective syllabi that they squeezed 150 students from two different classes into a single classroom, shared one blackboard and simultaneously gave their lessons in two different subjects.

The complaints spoke of the principal’s offensive behaviour and abusive language. It was also alleged that senior teachers are paid less than the teachers who have recently joined the school.

Meenakshi Kadam, supervisor of the school, said, “Once our principal asked me to take SSC papers home and check them, so that I could take classes in school. This is against the rules. But I gave it to her in writing that I was not allowed to do this, attaching a copy of the board rule.

She wanted to put me in trouble. Because the portion for Std V was not complete and exams were round the corner, the principal shouted at two teachers. They were so scared that they taught their two different subjects — Marathi and History — in one period, squeezing 150 students in one classroom and sharing one blackboard.”

Former teacher Shwetapadma Kar said, “One day I asked the principal to give me leave, as my son was ill. She said bluntly that my child would die if I left my job. I had been eager to teach in this school, but her behaviour forced me to resign.”
Rohidas Salve, another teacher, said, “Teachers are insulted in front of students. She used to suddenly stand outside the classroom and start videotaping our teaching. Teachers used to get terrified.”

Vandana Khankedia, an elder sister of a Std IX student, said, “The principal told some parents that they should not have had four children if they could not afford to pay fees. She also made very offensive remarks on caste and religion in classes. She slapped students. Every month she conducts five-mark exams and doesn’t give results until fees are paid.”

Mohan Patil, executive chairman of Abhinav Shetkari Shikshan Mandal School, said, “We have got the complaint and principal, parents and teachers are being counselled. The principal has been asked to give her side of the story by issuing a notice.”

ASI Dattatray Shewale of Navghar police station, said, “We have registered a non-cognisable offence against her after taking statements of the teachers. We have charged her under sections 504 (intentional insult) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC.” MiD DAY called Sunder, but her daughter said she wasn’t at home. 

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