Team Anna disbanded

Aug 06, 2012, 14:11 IST | Agencies

Anna Hazare announced Monday that Team Anna had been disbanded

Hazare said in his blog that "the work that has started in Team Anna's name has ended, the Team Anna committee also ends here"

Anna Hazare
"Team Anna was formed to work for the Jan Lokpal. We have decided not to keep any relations with the government. So the work that started in Team Anna's name has ended here and the Team Anna committee also ends here," Hazare said in Hindi.
"Despite repeated agitations, the government is not ready to pass the Jan Lokpal bill. We will have to find good candidates and give an alternative to the people. This is a good way, I think so, but how will it happen is the question," Hazare said in the blog. 
He said he would tour the country and "awaken the people". 
Giving a message to his own team, he said: "We will keep the movement alive and send good people to the Lok Sabha. Power should not be in the heart and mind, to rule should not be the aim, it should be done as service to the people. If power and money is in the mind, there will be no difference between other parties and our party." 
The team had Friday announced that it would join the political mainstream to continue its fight against corruption.

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