Tech: 5 must-play mobile games by Indian developers

Apr 10, 2016, 08:50 IST | Jaison Lewis

Jaison Lewis recommends five indie mobile games by Indian developers that are sure to wow you, and maybe even, inspire local talent

Fun Ways to Think

Fun Ways to Think is made by another Mumbai-based gaming studio called All In A Days Play. The game is a fun quiz that forces you to think differently, for example the first puzzle is a picture of a face and a book, the answer is Facebook, which you have to type in using the assorted letters at the bottom of the picture. The puzzles get harder as the game progresses, and you have to use coins earned in the game to unlock hints, if you run out of coins you can buy some with real cash. The game already has a million downloads and it is a fantastic way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. The studio also has several other games starting with the same title covering various topics, if you are looking for some more puzzles along the same line.
Available on: iOS and Android

The Light Inside Us

The Light Inside Us is a fast-paced shooter with a lot of strategy thrown in. The game sets up fast-paced maps where you have to figure the best way to defeat your enemies and their bases, with a limited stock of ammunition. Don’t let the simplistic graphics fool you, this game is complex and tough, often requiring several tries to finish just one level. The plot? You are group of light particles trying to get to the mother light cube, and you have to modify your light to take down your enemies. The amount of light particles you have at the beginning of the stage are finite and you have to figure a strategy where you can finish the game without running out of light. The game has 55 levels and several different types of enemies and weapons. The Light Inside Us is the brain child of Bengaluru-based Dastaan Studios and is a paid game (R190). Considering the quality of the game it is well worth the asking price.
Available on: iOS


How can you have any game compilation without a game from the endless-runner genre? Skatelander has you controlling a skateboarder through a treacherous, never-ending road full of opportunities to perform stunts. It features Minecraft-inspired voxel-art graphics with classic side-scrolling action. You can unlock more than 60 characters, each with different outfits and styles. The skaters also influence the environment through which they skate. The game works on the freemium model where the game is free and extras may cost cash. Skatelander was created by Bhandup-based Underdogs Gaming Studio.
Available on: iOS and Android

Bluff Party

Made by Mumbai-based BYOF Studios, the game brings the age-old card game of Bluff to the digital age. You don’t need to coax your cousins into playing Bluff with you, as there are thousands of users online who will willingly subject themselves to your lying prowess. The premise of the game is simple —get rid of all your cards without getting caught. There are power-ups to help you sabotage opponents or give you an awesome advantage, which adds to the thrill of this game, something you won’t find in the physical version. Bluff Party follows a freemium model, where you can download and play the game for free, but power-ups and other extras come at a price, though you can get them in other ways just slower than you would if you paid for it.
Available on: iOS and Android

Samosa –Auto Shooter

To begin with, this game has nothing to do with samosas. Instead, you play Sam an auto driver whose pet chicken is stolen by the evil scientist Osa who wants to, apparently, conquer the world by performing experiments on chicken.

Of course Sam will not stand for this and he pimps out his auto-rickshaw with weapons and other violent goodies. The best part of the game is its amazing art style, a lot is expressed in just black, white and red, reminds us of games like Patapon and Limbo. The game has over 40 levels and 5 boss battles which will keep you engaged for a very long time. The game was created by Madras Games, based out of Chennai. While the Android version of the game is free, you might have to fork out R60 for the iOS version, not sure why. The game can be played in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.
Available on: iOS and Android

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