Tech: A new augmented reality video game on the Ramayana

Jan 13, 2016, 08:26 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Gamaya - Restore the Legend adds a new touch to Ramayana by combining mobile games with collectible toys

When we first heard about Gamaya — Restore the Legend, we were amazed at how it might have found the perfect solution to keep the new generation engaged with Indian mythology. Based around the tale of Ramayana, Gamaya — Restore the Legend is a clever idea that brings together two of our favourite things (and of kids) — smartphones and toys — to create a mobile game that never ceases to entertain.

What we like
To play, you need to download, Gamaya Legends, available for free download on Android (a hefty 400MB) as well as on iOS devices. You will then need a toy station called Ashikor (think teleportation device) and toys of popular characters from Ramayana. The introductory pack comes with Ashikor and Rama, and you will be required to buy the nine other toys separately including Sita, Jatayu, Lakshman, Hanuman, Sugriv, Indrajit, Ravana, Maharavana and Anjana.

Once you launch the app on your phone, it will connect automatically with the toy station. Place the character that you want to play on the toy station. Once it’s linked with the app on your phone, the toy station glows. The toy station requires two AA 1.5V batteries to run. We love the gameplay. Each character comes with its own set of powers, the Rama that we had was super-efficient with arrows, and a few more powers that needed to be unlocked. Now, Rama, as we realised during the gameplay never dies, but when he gets hurt, requires rest.

What we didn’t like
With this in mind, we tried to connect MahaRavana, our second toy in the collection, but sadly that didn’t work. We also don’t like that you can’t skip the introductory video, and have to watch it till the end, each time you start the game. Also, the game doesn’t remember your last session.

We all know that gadgets can be frustrating at times. But despite every hurdle, you would expect it to have a power button or some indicator to tell of its status. Sadly, the toy station has neither. The creators have asumed that users of Gamaya would know all about it, even if you have never seen it. Hence, there is no user guide with the device. Also, we are told, it’s made for kids, but we would advise you to use discretion, especially since the toys have lots of sharp, pointed elements.

Apart from these hiccups, Gamaya-Restore the Legend, makes for wholesome entertainment and a cool learning experience.

Price: Rs 6,249
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