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Jan 18, 2016, 08:25 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Travelling to a new city? Try TraveLibro for recommendations, stay options and a platform to share your experiences

Whether you travel on a motorcycle, a car, public transport or a luxury yacht, if you like sharing stories from your travelling exploits, you would love TraveLibro, a social networking app for travelers.

What we liked
The app is carefully divided into five sections — Travel Feed, Personal, On the Go, Notifications and Messages and Destinations and Itineraries. The Travel Feed allows you to read travel blogs from the app editor and from other travellers on the platform. There’s an option to check in to new places, update your current mood and thoughts as well as photos. You can also follow other travellers in this section.

If you wish to access all your travel posts and submissions, you can do so in the personal section. It allows you to access your travel shares and write-ups, journeys, create itineraries as well as a bucket list of things to do. The app offers grades to its users based on their shares and traveling experiences. The more you travel and share, the higher you go up the ladder.
The On The Go section is your one-stop window to create a journey, add fellow travelers to it, check-in to places, share photos as well as post regular updates. Since connecting is an integral part of the app, you can check updates and messages from other travellers under the Notifications and Messages section.

Lastly, there’s the Itineraries and Destinations section, which offers information about some of the most popular destinations across India and the world, along with a list of the must-do things in these places. You can also browse details of popular hotels, restaurants as well as contact travel agents in this section. Overall, the information is useful whether you are from the city or new to it.

What we didn't like
There’s no way to search for destinations by name, or see them on a map. You also get details of only those destinations that are listed on the app, and that limits its usage especially if you like going to the lesser-known places. The app also seems to be having some problem locating GPS, something several other users have been complaining of as well.

Available on: Android and iOS
Cost: Free

The Guide Verdict

Minus the few limitations and issues, the TraveLibro is a great guide for travellers visiting an unknown city. The recommendations are worth a try, and well thought-off. We recommend it.

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