Tech: Gadgets made for the rough outdoors

Jul 15, 2015, 08:30 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Make the most of your monsoon getaways with these waterproof gadget cases, especially designed to outsmart the wet weather conditions

Dry reader for your tablet
Don’t want to skip your reading outdoors, try the Go Travel waterproof case for tablets. This dry reader comes with a roll and seal velcro closure and fits iPad Mini and Kindle-sized tablets. It’s waterproof up to 1 metre.

Price: Rs 2,473
Available on: (Global Easy Buy by Ebay)
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Shockproof, waterproof mobile cover
These Made-in-China shockproof, waterproof metal cases for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones are not only stylish, but also sturdy. Made of aluminium and Gorilla glass, they offer protection from dust, sand as well as water.

Price: Rs 2,201 onwards
Available on:

Action photography set
The Dicapac Action Set is a complete photography package for adventure seekers. The set includes a floating selfie stick (that keeps your smart phone and selfie stick floating), a sports fit armband (to mount your smart phone on your wrist while on the go), a waterproof Bluetooth 4.0 remote control (to capture pictures from distance), a waterproof case with mountable clip (protects your phone from water up to 10 metres), a universal holder for selfie stick, and a neck strap to carry your smart phone on the go. It’s available in two models DARS-C2 ( 5.1-inch and bigger) and DARS-C1 (up to 5.1-inch). You can also buy these items separately.

Cost: Rs 6,000 (approx)
Available on: (Amazon’s global website and not on
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Waterproof housing case for DSLR
Do you find smart phone cameras too restricted to explore your creative imagination, but are afraid to take out your DSLR because of the unpredictable weather conditions? You may want to try Digipac’s housing case for DSLR cameras.

There are three variants of these housing cases WP-S3 (for mirrorless cameras such as Sony NEX, Alpha and Panasonic DMC), WP-S5 for (midsize SLRs with up to 50mm lens) and WP-510 (for larger DSLRs (with up to 150 mm lens). They come come with a special enclosure for lenses as well as built-in filters.

Price: Rs 6,700 onwards
Available on:
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Mount your smart phone on the go
Add off-road abilities to your Dicapac Action set with car/yacht mount (DP-1C) which is priced US$9.95 and a bike mount for US$14.95. Both these mounts come with clips that can easily fit into the smart phone case.

Price: Rs 4,700 (approx)
Available on:
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