Tech gifts for kids

Mar 16, 2014, 11:23 IST | Harpreet Kaur Sapra

Here is a fool-proof plan to ensure that your little one learns something worthwhile while playing with the next new tech toy

Being a parent is difficult enough without having to think of gifts to buy for your kid’s birthdays. You can buy them the phone they want, or fancy clothes but at the end of the day you end up questioning the usage of the item versus the money spent. Here is a list of some tech “toys” for your kids that are not only fun but also enhance their basic skills and help them perform better academically:

Qu-Bot, programmable robot
(age group 12+, Rs 3,200)
Enhance you child’s skill in programming and robotics. Qu-Bot kit is an easy to assemble Robotics kit, which comes complete with the sensors, motors, controller board and battery, charger, etc.

Once the robot has been built, it can be connected to a Computer using a USB Cable and programmed via the visual interface drag and drop modular icon-based programme. Advanced programmers can also reprogramme the robot as they want.
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Geosafari jr talking telescope
(age group 6-10, Rs 5,336)
The Talking Telescope is a complete show-and-tell experience for kids. It can dole out as many as 200 facts on mammals, reptiles, planets and stars as children view each of them closely.

It also features images from NASA in the form of slides, which can be viewed on the small side microscope and later stored in the built-in storage area.

Once the kids are ready with all the facts, they can test what they have learnt by taking the multiple choice quiz which comes with full background sound effect. A telescope would be incomplete without an actual telescope, so it even has a detachable 4x zoom telescope that can be used to star gaze.
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Elenco 5-in-1 microscope set
(age group 10-16, Rs 9,965)
This is a perfect learning tool for children who want to study organisms. It lets toddlers replicate lab conditions while using safe and kid-friendly tools and materials.

The set includes a 11-inch microscope with micro viewer, micro photo projector with drawing tools, a hatchery and a slicer, slides, labels, collecting containers, petri dish, spatula, tweezers, needles, droppers and everything else needed to setup a mini lab. All this can be stored in the easy-to-carry case it comes in.
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(age group 2-10, Rs 9,999)
Eddy is a tablet designed for kids aged between two and 10. It is encased in a bright-coloured silicon cover, which makes break-resistant. It has 150 in-built apps that cover five subjects — Maths, Language, Our World, Reference and Creativity / Fun.

Within each subject, kids can choose from varied Apps, depending on their age group, to test their skills. Eddy’s prime feature is that it allows parental control.

From the Parents Zone, you can programme profiles for your child (kids will be shown activities depending on their profile), set the time limits for each subject, block / promote a subject, download / delete / Manage Apps). It allows access only to educational and parent-approved sites, thus providing a safe browsing environment.
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