Tech: 7 ways to protect social media and online app accounts from hackers

May 18, 2017, 15:07 IST | mid-day online correspondent

We have listed 7 essential measures that can proetct our password and personal information on online applciations and social media platforms from the threat

Tech: 7 ways to protect social media and online app accounts from hackers

With a significant rise in cyber attack, hacking and stealing personal information has become a daily phenomenon. Today, user records from India’s largest online restaurant guide, Zomato, have been stolen from the app’s database. While knowingly and unknowingly we are becoming victims of cyber crime, let us look at these essential measures that can proetct our personal information on online applciations and social media accounts from the threat:

1. Use strong passwords: Always go for a strong password that consists all of these- capital letter, small letter, special character and numerical. The strongest passwords are those that contain at least eight characters, preferably 12 characters in place. A strong password is a password that is difficult to crack.

2. Change your password regularly: Changing passwords regularly across all social media platforms and online applications is the best practice ever. Changing passwords regularly protect websites and applications that are vulnerable to cyber attack. Consider changing password even after your profile is hacked and personal information from the account is stolen.

3. Keep a check on installed applications: Keep a check on social media accounts to see if there are any third party applications that can access personal data. Delete applications that are not of much use and no longer recognize the identity of the user. Make sure of the information provided in third party applications, because these serve as paths to accounts for hackers.

4. Remember to log put from mobile phones: Every time you use a social media tool or mobile apps on smartphones, remember to log out after use. This will keep the accounts safe and away from cyber threats like hacking and stealing of personal information.

5. Double check privacy settings across platforms: Always double check privacy setting and keep a control on who can see the posts and who cannot. Also, before sharing a new update, check on the privacy setting and then go ahead. This is because, if unwanted people get access to your posts, they can access your account and hack it with smart tricks.

6. Enable two-step authentication: In the worst incident, a hacker can know your password, email address, and even answer to the secret question. This is the time when two-step authentication comes into action. In case of two-factor authentication, the hacker will need other factors to access the account. Such information include finger print, phone, face detection, and confirmation code that is sent to the user via email or SMS. So, if a hacker tries to access a user’s account with these factors, then he will land up in trouble. With multi-factor authentication, personal information is safe.

7. Install antivirus software: install antivirus program that has free version. However, installing paid antivirus is the best way to secure accounts from threats, but if you are tight on budget, go for a free version. This is only because a free version is better than no version.


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