Tech: Smarten up your TV with Teewe 2

Jul 16, 2015, 08:00 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Teewe 2 is a new HDMI streaming device that allows one to screen wirelessly, both offline and online content directly on your TV set

HDMI streaming devices have been around us for some time, but unfortunately, they failed to make an impact in Indian living rooms. The reason largely was the absence of any streaming-worthy local content. However, the scenario seems to have changed, thanks to Teewe 2, a new HDMI streaming device that’s allows you to stream both online as well as offline content from multiple devices (smart phone, tablet, PCs and laptops) right on your TV set. So whether a new video trending on YouTube or Vimeo, or pictures from your latest family weekend getaway or birthday party, with Teewe 2, you can watch all these and more right on your television.

Teewe 2 comes with accessories such as a power adapter, a USB chord and an HDMI connector

The palm-size device resembles a USB dongle and can connect wirelessly to your home/office Wi-Fi and play local as well as online content on any digital screen with HDMI input port. It uses your tablet/PC/smart phone as the remote. The device is capable of streaming 1080p videos, weighs really light at 34g, and can be powered from your TVs USB port. Setting up the device is also easy. To access local content, all you have to do is add the folder where the local content is stored, and Teewe will automatically categorise them on the screen. As for browsing on your Desktop/laptop, there are plug-ins available for Chrome browser, which allow you to stream a video directly on the device, without streaming it on your laptop. Unfortunately, Teewe 2 can’t mirror your phone/tablet screen as yet; mirroring is limited only to desktop/laptops via its Desktop application.

As for original content, Teewe 2 has tied up with ErosNow to offer paid-access to original Hindi films and TV shows (you get a two-month free access with every Teewe device). Unfortunately, to stream online content smoothly, you require a high speed Broadband connection (higher or equal to 4MBPS). Teewe 2, however, is capable of adjusting the video quality as per the native speed of your Internet connection. Watching offline videos from your laptop/PC is a breeze.

The most likeable feature of Teewe 2, however, is its ability to take playback requests from multiple users. The device queues up requests for viewing or listening — thus allowing everyone in a group to list their favourite tracks/videos.

So, if you are looking for a sleek HDMI streaming device that can convert your TV into a smart TV, don’t go beyond the Teewe 2.

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