Tech: Talk art with a new app

Feb 06, 2016, 08:12 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Now, showcase your own digital art show, thanks to a new app that helps you catalogue works of art

Do you have an artwork that you would like the world to see? Do you find that organising an exhibition is risky, or beyond your budget? Would you prefer an app that allows you to showcase your work to other artists, collectors, curators and art connoisseurs as well as interact with them? A new app called Artizen hopes to offer all of the above.

Available for free download on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, Artizen offers artists, collectors and curators a platform to showcase artwork, explore others’ works, and interact with each other on their mobile phones.

Created primarily for collectors, curators and artists, the app comes with an excellent cataloguing interface. It allows you to take photographs of artworks in your collection, build an online catalogue, store it in its secure servers, and select works from them to curate/host an online art show on the public feed for everyone to see. For those who wish to keep the viewing private, there’s an option to create a closed group or keep it hidden from everyone else as well.

More than a catalogue
Artizen is more than just a cataloguing app, though. The app is free for use by anyone, which means that even if you don’t own an art work, but would like to share your choices on art, you could do so by curating your own online art show in the app. Even if you don’t own it. If you’ve spotted an interesting artifact or work of art in a gallery or a public space, take a picture, upload it to your library, and select from them to curate your own online art show in the app.

The social nature of the app allows you to exchange ideas, chat with other curators and collectors, follow the latest trends, as well as use the platform to share your views on artworks and artists within the app.

What we like about the app the most, though, is that it provides the public with the power to curate, share as well as build a catalogue of their favourite artworks — something they can go back to anytime, anywhere right on their phone.

The social nature of the app also promotes conversation outside the fancy exhibition opening parties at art galleries. Artizen also has the potential to become the next big platform for young artists to showcase their work.

Quality control will be a challenge, though. Still, it remains one of the most futuristic attempts at democratising art and taking it to the public.

We look forward to viewing art by popular Indian artists to make it a truly happening, inclusive platform. This may just be the next big thing in art.

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