Tech: These games will keep you hooked while travelling

Apr 17, 2016, 11:17 IST | Jaison Lewis

Itching to play a game on a crowded bus or train? Jaison Lewis recommends games that need just one hand

Cut the Rope: Magic

Om Nom is back with more puzzles, candy and a new villain. This time, Om Nom can transform into six creatures — bird, fish and dragon among others — that can be used to solve puzzles and unlock candy. The new game has over 120 levels with more coming soon. If you liked the previous version, you must get this one. And the bonus is that it can still be played with one hand.
Available on: Android and iOS


Well, there had to be an endless runner here. But unlike other runners, this one just needs one tap to play with no power-ups. Essentially, here, you are a guy jumping from one building to another, as they get demolished, in what looks like an alien invasion. One false move and you die. The game, designed by Adam Saltsman for the Experimental Gameplay Project, though paid, looks spectacular with its greyscale colour palette and random occurrences in the background. The newer versions let you choose between the classic 2D backgrounds or the newer 3D backgrounds. Canabalt lets you play multiplayer on the same screen. If you are craving some multiplayer, you can always ask a co-passenger to play along.
Available on: Android and iOS


QuizUp is a fun multiplayer trivia game that lets you challenge friends and strangers on topics you love. You can use the app to discover like-minded people based on age, location and topics of interest and play against them. The game has 1200 topics and over 6,00,000 questions, so no matter how smart you think you are, there are always things you may know nothing about. QuizUp also has a social network sort of vibe, making it great to meet
new people.
Available on: Android and iOS

Don’t starve

Don’t Starve is a vicious game with only one objective — don’t starve (also don’t be killed). The game dumps you in the middle of a strange land and you have to forage and gather things from the surrounding area to survive. The world is randomly generated, so each game will be different and foraged items can be used to create objects like weapons and tools to help you survive. Remember though, that if you die, you start from the beginning.
Available on: iOS

Triple town

Triple Town is a great take on the ‘match three’ concept. Here, matching three is just a small part of the game. The main objective is to build as big a town as possible. All the structures have to be built by matching three structures of a smaller type. It sounds easy, but in a small map, it can soon get complicated, especially with the bears trying to block your progress.
Available on: Android and iOS

One Finger Death Punch!

One Finger Death Punch! has to be one of the easiest action games out there. Inspired by the classic Kung-Fu masters, the action game is developed by Silver Dollar Games. You can fight your way through 140 action-packed levels with lots of skills and items. All you have to do is touch the screen either on the left or the right to unleash Kung-Fu hell on your enemies. Though the game looks simple, the pace and wave of enemies will have you repeating several stages, multiple times just to get through.
Available on: Android and iOS

Monument Valley

Monument valley is a puzzle game that will stun you with its crazy geometry, as you guide Princess Ida through various monuments. The game relies on optical illusions for its puzzles and it could take a little getting used to.
Its visual style is inspired by Japanese prints, minimalist sculpture, and indie games such as Windosill, Fez, and Sword & Sworcery. If you have played and finished the game before, the creators have added eight more chapters called Forgotten Shores, which can be bought with an in-app purchase.
Available on: Android and iOS

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