Tech: This 'Scumm' will let you play adventure games for free!

Apr 03, 2016, 11:07 IST | Jason Lewis

Using ScummVM on PCs and Macs is simple. Just install run and show the software where the games are stored. The software will list the games and let you run them with a single click

Scumm or Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion is a video game engine that was originally created by Lucas Arts to help them develop their first adventure game Maniac Mansion in 1987. It was later used for a lot of their adventure games. The software called ScummVM lets you play some of these DOS-based adventure games on systems the games weren’t designed for like Windows, Mac and Android. It also lets you play from other companies like Sierra and Revolution Software.

How to use it?
Using ScummVM on PCs and Macs is simple. Just install run and show the software where the games are stored. The software will list the games and let you run them with a single click. Scumm is also available on the app store for Android users. In case there are issues with your device, look up the FAQs as most solutions are easily available there.

Day of the Tentacle

While Maniac Mansion was the reason Scumm exists, the Day of the Tentacle is the Maniac Mansion game that gamers will remember. It was so popular that a newer version with updated graphics was released recently. But the classic still holds up, despite the jagged graphics. You play three people stuck in three time zones as you figure out how to defeat a mutated purple tentacle, which is out to conquer the world. As with most Lucas art games, this one is funny and witty.

Flight of the Amazon queen

The game takes place in 1949, where you play Joe King the pilot and owner of the Amazon Queen airplane. You crash into the Amazon jungle and embark on an adventure to save the local tribes, your movie star passenger and the world from a mad scientist who wants to turn people into dinosaur warriors. It is a bizarre, fun plot.

Space quest (1-6)

You play Roger Wilco, a space janitor. Through the series, you save the universe several times, but that will not garner respect from your peers.  There is a lot of witty banter and insults that your character will bear. The storyline is engaging and some of the puzzles will keep you on the edge.   

Broken Sword

Broken Sword is more serious when compared to the other games on the list. You play an American tourist George Stobbart who witnesses a terrorist attack in Paris. The mystery unfolds as you investigate and the Knights Templar are involved. Needless to say, it has a very Dan Brown storyline that just works well as an adventure game.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

As an Indiana Jones franchise game, this one hits all the right buttons. However, it is not as funny as other Lucas Arts games. You will have evil Nazis trying to use ancient tech to win the war, lost city of Atlantis being discovered by Indiana Jones and great puzzles. You also get to play Indiana Jones. The CD version even features full voice acting, which only enhances the gameplay.

Sam and Max Hit the Road

Released in 1993, Sam and Max, is a dog and rabbit private detective team that has to investigate the escape of frozen Bigfoot called Bruno from a carnival. The game adapts the humour style from other Lucas Arts games and the puzzle is quite simple. You will have several ah-ha moments when you finally solve them.  

Monkey Island (all three episodes)

Monkey Island was one of the first Scumm games to be remade. The updated graphics version is available for a small price, but if you aren’t feeling particularly loaded, try the scumm version. You play pirate Guybrush Threepwood is a puny nobody pirate, who wants to make it big. This one is a treat to play.

Full Throttle

In Full Throttle you play Ben, the leader of a biker gang that is framed for the murder of a motorcycle manufacturer. You have to investigate and figure out who the killer is. The game featured Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker in Star Wars) as one of the voice overs and also featured music by The Gone Jackals. The game might get remastered next year by Double Fine Productions.

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