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Aug 30, 2012, 08:49 IST | Avantika Patil

Being tech-savvy is the 'in' thing today, and composer- singer Shankar Mahadevan is a part of the bandwagon.

The singer who tries to keeps himself updated about technology as much as possible, says, “No matter how hard I try, I am always lagging behind.” In a chat, he shares with CS his views about online technology and its impact on the music world:

Shankar Mahadevan
Who: Shankar Mahadevan
What: Talking about his love for technology 

At the click of the mouse
Internet is a wonderful thing that has come to our rescue. The way it’s growing by the day is phenomenal. So, not matter how tech savvy I get today, I wake up the next morning and see some new innovations. Remaining up to date with online advancements and the latest toys is impossible!

Youth connect
It is a blessing for today’s youth. They get it everything at the click of a button. One call and their life is sorted. Now when I think about a life without Internet, it looks difficult, in fact almost impossible. Our times were much tougher. During that period, the only way to reach music directors were through some contacts and connections. The world of glamour was alien to normal people. But that distance has considerably reduced. These days you make music and stream it live and get an instant response. For a musician, that can mean a lot of encouragement. Exposure to world music has also increased ten-fold.

Providing new platforms
The online platform is a great way to showcase talent too. Make a video and upload it on social networking sites or file sharing sites, and the next thing you know you are famous. I mean corporates are also in favour of considering talent online. The anxiety of standing in an interview or in an audition queue is a thing of the past.

Talent talk
Many people say that genuine talent has lost its sheen because of the advent of such technology. I disagree. Even if there are many more people participating and showcasing their talents through digital or online platforms, I still believe that only true talent survives the grind that follows after the initial glory. Also the avenues have widened, new areas of careers have come in. Technology comes with its own share of cons. With so much exposure and freedom of
accessibility, there is no privacy or secrecy. Everything is out there for people to see!

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