Techie robbed of gold chain worth Rs 60,000 while taking a walk

May 13, 2014, 07:02 IST | A Correspondent

Motorbike-borne robbers accost software engineer, force him to sit on their bike and then rob him

The Chatuhshrungi police have registered a case against two unidentified men after they robbed a software engineer’s 40-gram gold chain worth Rs 60,000 on Sunday night.

The motorcycle-borne miscreants targeted the techie while he was taking a walk on Sunday night

According to the police, the techie, Sujit Madhukar Moghe (32), a resident of Prime Heights on Sus Road, was taking a walk in Pashan around 9 pm when the incident occurred.

Assistant Police Inspector Vikram Gaud, investigating officer in the case, said, “Moghe was stopped by two motorcycle-borne men who forced him to sit on their bike.

They rode with him till a distance and then robbed his gold chain worth Rs 60,000.

“We have asked Moghe to provide us with a basic description of the suspects. The complainant, however, is not able to recall the registration number of the bike used. Investigations are ongoing,” he added.

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