Technical snag at Mumbai airport delays flights leaving guests irritated

May 12, 2016, 11:46 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

Technical failures marred the punctuality at Mumbai airport. Flights all due to technical snag left their guests irritated and waiting for there take offs

Technical failures marred the punctuality at Mumbai airport. Flights all due to technical snag left their guests irritated and waiting for there take offs. While some could take off for their destinations after delay in domestic leg, a British Airways flight stood cancelled landing the connecting passengers in trouble.

Flight BA 138 London that was scheduled to depart at 1.55am on Wednesday with total passengers 299 and 18 crew members was initially decalred to be delayed and finally stood cancelled. After the passengers boarded the aircraft from gate 78, the aircraft a Boieng 777-300ER (twin-jet) encountered a technical snag. Due to this the passengers had to be de boarded and through transit Security Hold Area (SHA) were taken to boarding gate area.

At about 5am (after three hours of it’s original take off) the flight was declared cancelled. All passengers after completion of all the formalities of Immigration and Customs were accommodated in hotels. While few were sent to Grand Hyatt others are accommodated in ITC Maratha.

"The passengers who had to take another flight were troubled and were furious on the airline. Their anger lead to chaos at the departure area of the terminal. These passengers had their connecting flights to their destination, which they had to miss," said a passenger on condition of anonymity that was accommodated in ITC Maratha.

"We apologise to all our customers for the delay of their flight, BA138/11 May. The flight was delayed due to a technical fault with the aircraft. Safety and security of our customers and crew is of utmost importance to us. All customers are being looked after by our team and have been provided hotel accommodation. We are providing another aircraft for them to continue on their journeyy and this flight will depart at 0100 LT on 12 May 2016. We are sorry for the disruption to their travel plans," stated the British Airline’s Spokesperson.

A Jet Airways flight to Jaipur on Tuesday evening was delayed for four hours. The passengers created nuisance after the aircraft's cooling system faced technical glitch. This made the flight that was to depart at 6.15pm could depart only by 10pm. The flight 9W 416 to Jaipur as a result could land only by 11.45pm instead of its Expected Time of Arrival 7.30pm (Jaipur landing time).

The Boeing 738 after getting its technical issue repaired had to further delay as the crewmembers on duty had completed their working hours as per Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Jet Airways spokesperson said, "A Jet Airways flight 9W 416 was delayed initially due to a technical issue. Since the crew had extended their FDTL limits new set of crew was arranged. The flight is about to depart now. Jet Airways regrets the inconvenience caused to its guests."

Jet Airways 9W 615 flight to Kolkata was also for over an hour delayed due to issues in its Engine. This happened when the passengers had already boarded the aircraft on time. Jet Airways flight 9W 615 from Mumbai to Kolkata did a ground return at Mumbai due to a slight technical problem and was cleared shortly post inspection. However, a guest requested to be offloaded, which led to further delay, stated the airline spokesperson.

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