Technology: 4 apps that let you hitch an instant ride anytime, anywhere

May 19, 2016, 08:45 IST | Hassan M Kamal

If radiocabs are a rip-off and the local train is crush torture, try four apps that will end your commuting woes

  Together We Go (TOGO)

It began as a carpooling service for inter-city travels, but now, TogetherWeGo (TOGO) has emerged as a social carpooling app that allows users to find and share rides any time and from anywhere in the city. “We started as Zupp, but soon, we realised that our model was similar to others. We re-imagined our business model and rebranded it as TogetherWeGo (TOGO) using a social messaging platform similar to WhatsApp,” says Parth Patel, co-founder at MyZupp. To use the app, one has to set up the route, and expected time to leave, and they will automatically be added to carpooling group rides en route. “Your chats are visible to all users on that route/group, and anyone travelling in that direction or in need for a ride can contact you,” he informs.

Security: The app has an SOS button to dial 100. No option to add emergency contact details or to share locations.
cost: There’s a built-in rate card that charges a fixed price for a certain distance starting at R20 for less than 3 kms, R35 for up to 5 kms, and so on.

How to order: Check services on TogetherWeGo app on Android.

Bla Bla Car
Android & iOS

You travel between cities regularly but find flight tickets way out of your budget? Try Bla Bla Car. Be it a friend’s wedding or an urgent meeting you must catch, Bla Bla Car is your go-to place for long distance travel. If you are travelling long distance and have a free seat in your vehicle, share it on the platform. The only downside we see is you being cool about travelling with strangers on a long journey.

Security: There’s no panic button to raise an alarm in case you feel unsafe during transit. Neither is there an option to add emergency contact details. However, the app comes with user-generated ratings (for both passengers as well as car owners) based on the experience as well as behaviour.

Price: Bla Bla Car automatically suggests a  mileage-based price per co-traveller to the drivers. Users are required to pay to the driver in cash.

How to order: Book a seat either via the website or download the app on your smartphone.

Android & iOS

If you think sharing rides is all about four wheelers, try Liftiee, the latest ride sharing platform that allows you to find a seat on
two-wheelers as well. A brainchild of Rashid Khan  and Ritvik Mathur, the live-ride sharing app allows you to hitch a ride in real time whether it’s the empty seats of a car or as a pillion rider on a bike. There’s no long term commitment as each
carpool is for a single trip and only verified profiles are allowed. Unfortunately, the app still has few bugs as we were unable to sign up on it.

Security:  The app comes with an SOS button in case you find yourself at risk.
Cost: The rates are also very low at Rs 10 for 0-3 kms. You can pay via Paytm on the platform.
How to order: The service is available only via the app.

Android & iOS

If you are one of the many Mumbaikars who can’t drive, or are too busy to take the wheel, Zuver will probably be the best thing technology has in offer. The next time your regular driver falls ill or goes incommunicado, Zuver promises to deliver a well-trained, reliable driver at your doorstep within 30-40 minutes. Besides, considering a lot of us don’t need a driver at all time, but only to get to work and then go back home, Zuver also helps you save on your monthly bill.

Security: “All drivers are tracked using GPS built in the app, which regularly updates his/her location to the central server. There’s a Panic button and Share My Location option, which shares your location regularly with your contacts,” says Sidhanth Mally, co-founder, Zuver. This app also has an option to blacklist customers, in case they misbehave with drivers.
Cost: You are charged on a per-minute basis usually calculated at the rate of Rs 100 per hour. There’s also a transit charge Rs 50 to Rs 150 per trip (that varies depending on distance and time) to cover the transport costs for the driver.  
How to order: Try the app or call them on  43686868.

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