Technology: 5 announcements by Apple at WWDC 2016

Jun 14, 2016, 15:50 IST | midday online correspondent

A look at 5 important announcements made by tech giant Apple during its keynote at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco

The iOS 10: The iOS 10 has can called Home, where the user can manage their smart home devices like turning on light, unlocking doors, along with several other actions. Messaging has been upgraded in bold ways, which will be displayed like bubbles with animation. The entire screen will be engulfed by animations if users wish to post birthday wishes or congratulate someone. Furthermore, the iOS 10 enables Apple users to remove most of the stock apps from the visible UI, which can be re-installed through the App Store. The Today View in the Notification Center has also been added to the Spotlight Search screen with a redesigned UI.

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks about the iOS at the Worldwide Developer's Conference. Pic/AFP
Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks about the iOS at the Worldwide Developer's Conference. Pic/AFP

Siri now has a new feature supporting third-party apps, which will be able to integrate their services thanks to the new Siri SDK (software development kit) in iOS 10.






The photo apps now contain facial recognition and will be able to group similar pictures together using faces, locations, object recognition, and more to create memories: picture slideshows with transitions and music selected by the algorithm, which can be modified to the users' liking. The animation is modified compared the iOS 9, Apple News has a new icon and apps like WhatsApp and Messenger are able to send calls through the official iOS call screen once the developers implement the feature into the VOIP feature of the application. The iOS 10.0 beta 1 being made available to registered developers straight after the keynote, and a public beta made available to members of Apple's Beta Software Program in July.

macOS Sierra: The macOS Sierra is the first Mac software branded as macOS, reminiscent of the old naming scheme used since Mac OS 7.6. It will be available to end users in the fall as a free upgrade through the Mac App Store.


The macOS Sierra has Siri, upgraded photos app, more continuity features to macOS, an Auto Unlock feature, which can allows you to unlock your Mac using the TouchID sensors on the phone, and not have to enter your password more than once. Sierra allows online payments using ApplePay. Users use their iPhones or Apple Watches to authenticate purchases. It also offers users the opportunity to consolidate windows using tabs. This is supported natively with no developer integration required. Sierra also has iCloud Drive, which will enable users to sync their Documents and Desktop folders using the cloud. In addition to that, Sierra also includes a tool for automatically removing junk and old files from your computer. It will also offer a system-wide Picture in Picture view for videos. Once activated, a small PiP window will appear in a corner of the display which the user can move and resize.

Swift Playgrounds for iPad
Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks during the announcement of Swift Playgrounds for iPad at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. Pic/AFP

Swift Playgrounds for iPad: This would allow users to play with Swift code on their device for the first time. Apple wants to bring many more people into coding; this is their solution. The app incorporates lessons and challenges -- it is very much a teaching tool. (Read more)

Xcode 8: The Apple Xcode 8 is an all-in one development suite for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and TV. The new IDE features extensions to customise the coding experience as well as runtime alerts, new Memory Debugger and accelerated Interface Builder. Developers can download the new Xcode from Apple’s developer portal. (Read more)

watchOS 3: The watchOS 3 will have the ability to open apps 'instantly' by pre-caching them. It will also update app information in the background. Other features include, a side button to open the dock instead of the old communications panel, a Control Center that can be accessed by swipe upA, the Scribble option, which will transalate handwriting to text. An SOS feature has been introduced for emergency services and also features for differently-abled users among others.

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