Technology: 7 new features in the Android N

May 20, 2016, 15:57 IST | midday online correspondent

Google announced the following features for it's upcoming Android N OS in the I/O 2016 developer's conference. Read on...

>> The Android N will have a split-screen multi-window mode, in which two apps can be snapped to occupy halves of the screen. An experimental freeform multi-window mode is also available as a hidden feature, where multiple apps can appear simultaneously on the screen.

Android N

>> A re-designed notification shade with a smaller row of icons for settings, replacing notification cards with a sheet design allowing inline replies to notifications implemented via existing APIs used with Android Wear.

>> Multiple notifications from a single app can also be bundled.

>> A new Data Saver mode with restricted background mobile data usage. It can trigger internal functions in apps designed to reduce bandwidth usage like capping the quality of streaming media among other things.

>> Developer Preview 2 added platform support for Vulkan, which is the new low-level 3D rendering API to augment OpenGL ES. But, it features higher graphics performance.

>> A new set of emojis with a realistic human look and support for skin tones.

>> The Doze power saving mechanism, which was introduced by Android Marshmallow was expanded to include a state activated when the device is running on battery and the screen has been off for a period of time, but is not stationary. Network activity is restricted, and apps are granted "maintenance windows" in which they can access the network and perform background tasks in this state. The full Doze state is activated if device is stationary for a period of time.

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