Technology: Top 3 picks from the ongoing LED Expo in Mumbai

May 12, 2016, 08:15 IST | Hassan M Kamal

From smart LED bulbs to emergency lights that glow after power cut, here are the guide's top picks from the ongoing LED Expo

Change light hues with your smartphone
Last year, an international electronics giant stunned everyone with its Wi-Fi controllable smart LED bulbs. Now, a Haryana-based light company, FIEM, has developed a local solution that can be controlled via Bluetooth on your smartphone. “Bluetooth is more common than Wi-Fi, so we decided to create our own smart LED solution that could be used by anyone in the country,” says S Narayanan, head, commercial and international operations, FIEM. The smart bulb, called X-Light comes with an app (available on App Store for iOS devices, and Android will be released soon) that allows one to control the light intensity, schedule on and off time, change the colour of the light as well as play games. Hosting an in-house party? Turn on the music feature, and it will change colours as per the ambient sound. You can also use the app to change the intensity of the light.
Price: Rs 4,000

An LED that glows after power cut
Another creation of FIEM, this is a 7W LED Emergency bulb that glows even after power cut. The LED bulb comes with a Lithium battery built right inside it, which recharges automatically when the bulb is connected to the main power. “It takes around eight hours to fully recharge the bulb, which lasts up to four-five hours after power cut,” says Narayanan.
Price: Rs 500

Solar lantern that runs all day

If you are going out for camping or trekking into the wilderness, you would love the solar lantern solutions offered by Enwalk, a new brand owned by Pune-based OEM supplier, Arham Electronics and Electricals. The company, which used to make solar lanterns for big retailers, has now started its own brand. We, in particular liked the Solite 45 (Rs 590), a tiny but long-lasting LED solar lantern that can give up to 10 hours of light (equivalent to a candle). You can also try Brighto 131 (Rs 690), and the Solite 41 (Rs 1050) that comes with a separate solar panel.

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