Tee time at work

Jun 17, 2012, 10:20 IST | Phorum Dalal

This collection from online store Plushplaza(.com) putt us in a dilemma � which one to buy?

Ever wondered how it would feel to have a private cabin with a mini-golf set-up in a corner? With the latest collection launched by online store Plushplaza(.com), you can come a little closer to that golf dream.

Golf Links Pen Holder

Let a golf cart bag resting on a turf base hold your pens. The holder also comes with an attached clock and three golf club-shaped pens placed in it
For: Rs 1,499

Caddy Shack Pen and Card Holder

Similar to the Golf Link Pen Holder, this product has a separate compartment for keeping business cards
For: Rs 1,749

Golfing Green Pad

This one is our favourite. A mini golf course for a mouse pad comes with a mini golf club, a flag, three golf balls and an innovatively designed golf ball textured mouse. Go swing!
For: Rs 949

Putting Golf Smoking Set

On this mini golf course, the sand pit turns into an ashtray and the golf cart into a lighter. It also has concealed storage for cigarettes
For: Rs 2199

Golf Cart Clock

Time travel with this miniature Golf Cart Clock is a must. This stylish timepiece is in the shape of a golf cart with a transparent LCD screen, a calendar and temperature display
For: Rs 1,999 

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