Teen gets reconstruction surgery done after losing hair and scalp in accident

Feb 06, 2014, 05:28 IST | Richa Pinto

Plastic surgeons performed eyebrow reconstruction on Pramila Chikne, the girl who lost her hair and her eyebrows pulled upward after getting stuck in the grinder flourmill

On January 2, MiD DAY covered the plight of a teenager, Pramila Chikne, who lost her knee-length hair, along with her scalp, in a freak accident at her hometown in Wai, Maharashtra. The accident also resulted in the loss of a part of her right ear and pulled her eyebrows upwards, giving her a peculiar look.

While the chances of her hair growing back is quite slim, the surgeons at Dr D Y Patil Hospital in Nerul performed a reconstruction surgery last week, to bring her eyebrows back to their normal place.

During the hour-long surgery, the plastic surgeons used a part of the skin from her groin and have pulled her eyebrows back to normal. Speaking to MiD DAY, the 18-year old said, “I’m happy that the operation was successful. I have been discharged from the hospital for now, but will have to come back once every week to change bandages, for some time.

I have been told by doctors that the possibility of my hair coming back is less, but I’m happy that at least with this surgery, my face will look like any normal person.”

Dr Ananta Kulkarni, a plastic surgeon from Dr D Y Patil Hospital, said, “We have performed a skin grafting procedure, taking around 10x3 cm of skin from her groin area, and used it to bring her eyebrows back to normal.”

Discussing the possibility of future surgeries for Pramila, Dr Kulkarni said, “She has a large area of alopecia (loss of hair) and it will be difficult to get it back. As for her right ear, we are still looking at feasible options and considering a non-surgical treatment, like getting a prosthetic ear.”

Pramila is currently residing with her aunt, Draupada Navare, in Navi Mumbai, who got her from Wai for the treatment. Navare said, “With the damage to her ear, Pramila gets uncomfortable in case of loud noises, as she seems unable to adjust to it. I still have hopes that there is some way that her hair can come back, but the doctors are not very sure.”

The accident

In May 2013, Pramila lost all her hair when it got stuck in the grinder of a flour mill at her hometown. The mill owner was busy on a phone call and had asked her to pour the wheat grains into the grinder. First, her dupatta, which was tied to her head, got stuck in the grinder unnoticed. It was only when her hair started to get pulled that the teenager realised and called for help. However, by the time anyone could rescue her, it was too late and all her hair along with the scalp was pulled out. After no improvement in her condition for months, her aunt, Draupada Navare, suggested that she come to Nerul for better treatment.

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