Teen girl goes on date, cooks up kidnap story

Aug 05, 2013, 00:27 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

Scared of being reprimanded by parents for bunking class and spending the day with a friend, the 15-year-old claimed that she was kidnapped by two unidentified men

A 15-year-old sent the Kothrud police in a tizzy after she claimed that two unidentified men kidnapped her while she was on her way to attend her coaching class. However, they heaved a sigh of relief when they found out that the Std X student, scared of being reprimanded by parents for bunking class and spending the day with a male friend, had actually cooked up the story.

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According to the police, Seema (name changed) claimed that two men kidnapped her on Friday morning. She said that the duo blindfolded her, bundled her into a silver colour van and took her to several places. However, she managed to give them the slip and reached home in the evening.
“The girl, along with her parents, came to register a complaint. She said that she had left home around 6.30 am, and that the incident occurred on her way to class,” said RB Phad, senior inspector of Kothrud police station.

He added that the girl, in her complaint, said that around 3 pm, when the car halted in Kothrud, she managed to escape. “The girl directly went to her aunt’s house in Gujarat Colony and narrated her entire incident,” Phad added. When the police visited the spot from where the men had allegedly kidnapped her, and inquired about it with shopkeepers and residents, the locals denied any such happening. 

“Later, we went to her coaching class, and found out that she hadn’t come to class for several days. That’s when we got suspicious, and questioned her friends, who informed us that she had told them that she would not be coming to class, as her father had asked her to go to her aunt’s house,” he said.

When the cops questioned the girl in front of her father, she spilled the beans and confessed that she was in Sarasbaug with her male friend till 3 pm. “We questioned the boy too, and came to know that it was him who had given her the idea,” Phad said. Senior PI Kalyan Vidhate said that the children get such ideas from crime-related shows on television, and try to imitate the same in their personal lives.

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