Teenager with muscular dystrophy writes papers standing, gets 1st class

May 31, 2013, 07:25 IST | Richa Pinto

Eighteen-year-old Hemita Shah's parents are over the moon with happiness

Their teenage daughter, who suffers from a painful condition called muscular dystrophy that involves muscle weakness and loss of muscle tissue, has just passed her HSC exams, scoring a commendable 67 per cent. Hemita wrote each three-hour-long exam paper standing on her feet.

Hemita wrote each three-hour-long exam paper standing on her feet

Their daughter, however, is less than happy with her results, as she had been expecting a minimum of 70 per cent. Hemita, who studied commerce from St Mary’s Multipurpose High School and Junior College in Vashi, says that she was shocked and disappointed with her results, but then decided to take it all in her stride.

“I will not say that I did not score well because I wrote my papers standing. I strongly feel that I have got the marks solely on the basis of what I wrote in the papers. My first paper English went well, and that built my hopes,” said Shah, who scored 84 per cent in Std X.

Although Hemita had the option of taking the help of a writer, she chose to write the papers herself, as she felt nobody could write out her thoughts as well as she could. Shah plans to study B Com next. But she feels that her true calling lies in the world of animation. She will be pursuing a course in animation and hopes to build a career in the field.

“I do not want my physical deformity to keep me from taking up a career of my choice. I have interest in animation and will go ahead with it,” said Shah. For now, Hemita is drawing succor from the fact that her parents are happy with her performance. “My parents are my strength and they are happy with my score. For them, my happiness is most important,” she signed off. 

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