Terrence Lewis to teach dance on Madhuri's dance portal

Jun 12, 2013, 08:39 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Madhuri Dixit's decade-long association with choreographer Terrence Lewis has finally worked in his favour

Not many know that almost 15 years ago, Madhuri Dixit’s dance fitness instructor was Terence Lewis. The actress was Bollywood’s leading lady and the choreographer had just started out. He would combine fitness and contemporary dance moves especially for the star.

Madhuri Dixit

Since then both of them have come a long way and now for Terence life has come a full circle. Madhuri has invited Terence to teach contemporary dance on her online dance portal.

Terrence Lewis

Says a source, “Madhuri wants her students to get a taste of contemporary dance besides her iconic Bollywood moves. She had learnt contemporary dance with Terence and now she wants her pupils too to get the moves right. It’s because of their old association that she has invited him to teach her online students.”

Confirms Terence, “I was naturally game for it. She is the perfect ambassador for dance and both of us share the same values. She wanted someone who would teach the correct technique and who is popular among all age groups across the world. Madhuri is doing a wonderful job in spreading the joy of dance.”

The actress, apart from her acting assignments, nowadays devotes a lot of time to her online dance academy. The project was conceptualised by Madhuri along with her husband Dr Sriram Nene to help enable youngsters fulfill their dream of grooving. As her passion for dancing is unwavering, she felt teaching them online was the best possible way to reach out to her fans worldwide.

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