Test driving the Jaguar XJL 2.0i

Updated: 30 November, 2015 10:28 IST | Aninda Sardar |

The XJL 2.0i seeks to optimise the game of Jaguar’s fast, beautiful cars


The Jaguar XJL is an imposing vehicle without a shadow of doubt. Its stately elegance, born out of sleek proportions, is a visual delight. We loved driving it, for it’s a powerful car that is dynamically capable. Recently, we got our hands on the less powerful XJL 2.0i, powered by the same petrol-sipping twin-turbo unit that sits under the bonnet of the equally svelte XF.

If you’re already thinking that this car probably isn’t as fast as the more powerful diesel variant, well, we’d say you’re correct. The XJ with the two-litre petrol engine does not feel as sprightly as the three-litre diesel variant. Although the difference in peak power is just 35 PS, the 2.0i clocks in a modest 240 horses while the 3.0 V6 D punches out 275. The more telling factor is the massive difference in the torque outputs of the two engines. Where the diesel unit puts out 600Nm of peak twist, the petrol sibling releases 340, and, as a result, the latter doesn’t have the same grin-inducing effect as the former.

The spacious cabin is definitely a luxury
The spacious cabin is definitely a luxury

That said, the XJL 2.0i’s engine is refined and smooth with hardly a vibration creeping in, irrespective of the engine revs. Power delivery is fairly linear and cruising is a piece of cake. The eight-speed automatic transmission shifts without much shift-shock, even though it takes a fraction of a second longer to choose cogs than we would have liked, especially when putting power down to the tarmac via the rear wheels.

The rotary drive mode raises itself when the engine is switched on. PICS/Sanjay Raikar
The rotary drive mode raises itself when the engine is switched on. Pics/Sanjay Raikar

What is rewarding, however, when you want to push this car hard, is its dynamics. After all, other than their hearts, there’s nothing to separate the petrol and diesel variants of the Jaguar XJ. So, whatever made the XJ endearing to us in the first place continues to hold true for XJL 2.0i. The XJ costs R1.13 crore, on road in Pune and, at that price, quite frankly, it’s not a bad bargain. Indeed that makes it the most affordable long wheelbase luxury sedan you can buy in India, albeit only in petrol guise.

Need to know...

Jaguar XJL 2.0i     
Engine               1,999-cc inline four cylinder, turbocharged, DOHC
Max Power         240 PS@5,500 rpm
Max Torque        340 Nm@2,000-4,000 rpm
Transmission      8-speed ZF Automatic
Price                   Rs 1.13 crore, on-road, Pune

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First Published: 22 November, 2015 06:55 IST

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