Test riding the Suzuki Access 125

Jun 19, 2016, 12:15 IST | Harket Suchde

Suzuki’s flagship scooter has gone under the knife for the first time since 2007. Are the changes cosmetic?

The Access was the pioneer in the 125-cc scooter segment when it first came out, and had an immediate impact on the Indian scooter market. Over time, it has become one of Suzuki’s top sellers with more than two million units sold. Now,eight years since it was first launched, it has returned with a few choice upgrades.

For starters, it’s good that Suzuki went in for a revamped version of the Access, because the scooter had begun to look a little dated. The headlamp of the new Access 125 sees an attractive chrome embellish surrounding it, which is matched by chrome accents around the front indicators and the tail lamp unit as well. Take it in from the side, and you will notice that the lines running along the body panel are sharp and in keeping with the latest trends in scooter styling.

Feature-wise, the Access 125 has definitely stepped up its game. There are now two hooks (one at the fore of the seat and one near the keyhole) for extra hang-ability, a very handy pocket to slip your grocery list, phone or something that everyone will need in the summer heat — a water bottle. There is even an optional DC charging point available, which has been handily positioned right above the aforementioned pocket, which means your phone need not be relegated to the luggage space below the seat, like it would on many of the Access’ competitors. Speaking of luggage space, the Access provides an above adequate amount of room to stow things in.

This bike sports a semi-digital instrument console. Pics/Aditya Dhiwar
This bike sports a semi-digital instrument console. Pics/Aditya Dhiwar

The engine on the Access 125 has the same configuration as before — a single-cylinder 124-cc plant. However, it too has been reworked and is now infused with Suzuki’s SEP tech. It still produces 8.7 PS at 7,000 RPM, but now produces more torque with a figure of 10.2 Nm at 5,000 RPM. Suzuki claims that SEP has made the engine both powerful and efficient. The fuel tank capacity though has dropped from six litres on its predecessor to 5.6 litres on the new Access 125. Rounding off the changes is the addition of a front disc brake, also as an option. The switches are of a decent quality on the Access, and the analogue speedo is now paired with a digital fuel gauge and odometer.

The riding position on the Access 125 is comfortable and the legroom is pretty decent too. Twist the throttle and you feel the scooter responding with enthusiasm off the line, although it doesn’t sustain this quickness in the middle or the higher reaches of the rev range.

Our test figures show a 0-60 km/h time of 9.70 seconds — it’s two seconds quicker than the previous Access, but then it also weighs 10kgs lesser. On the plus side, engine refinement levels feel pretty decent on the Access.

Handling wise, the Access manoeuvres with ease around traffic, helped along by the telescopic suspension up front and the damped coil-spring at the back. Speaking of suspension, the ride quality too is quite supple, soaking up the bumps from unsound road surfaces pretty well. The addition of the front disc means braking is accomplished quickly and without drama too.

Suzuki claims a fuel efficiency of 64 km/l on this new Access. Well, our independent efficiency test resulted in an overall figure of 43.25 km/. The new Suzuki Access 125 costs just over Rs 65,000 (OTR, Pune) for the drum brake variant, and while Suzuki hasn’t released the price of the disc-brake variant we tested, we expect it to cost Rs 3,000. As long as Suzuki prices it right, the new Access 125 has enough positive attributes to be a challenger in the 125-cc scooter segment.

Need to know

Suzuki Access 125

Engine 124cc single-cylinder, air cooled
Max Power 8.7 PS at 7000 rpm
Max Torque 10.2 Nm at 5000 rpm
Transmission CVT
Weight: 102 Kgs
Fuel Economy: 43.25 km/l overall
Price Rs 65,000 (estimated)


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