Thai woman returns to ailing dog in Bihar

May 03, 2012, 07:07 IST | Agencies

Avowing that they cannot live without each other, she plans to return to her country along with Prince � the dog she had adopted � on May 9

Their love knew no boundaries. This is the story of Thai national Fa Tha Nik who has returned to India to take Prince, an ailing German Shepherd she adopted here, back home with her.

“I can’t live without Prince and it appears that Prince also cannot live without me. We love each other like brother and sister,” said Nik.

She adopted the dog and kept it at the Buddhist monastery here she helps run. She went back to Thailand a month ago. But soon Prince fell ill. His misery pulled Nik back. “Last week, when I was informed that Prince was ill, I decided to visit Bodh Gaya for its treatment,” she said.

She now plans to return to Thailand along with Prince on May 9. “I had approached the local authorities for the documents required to take Prince to Thailand,” she said.

Her bond with Prince is four months old. “During my visit to the Vajra Bodhi Society here in early January, I was attracted to this dog after he behaved like a friend. It was a different experience. I then decided to adopt and look after him,” she said.

“After Prince was brought to the monastery, his love for me was unbelievable,” she said. However, as soon as she left, Prince became upset, she added.

Bhante Manoj of the Bodh Gaya Mahabodhi Temple Management Committee said the news of Nik’s return to Bodh Gaya for the sake of Prince has become a hot topic among local residents.

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