Thane: 8-hr surgery performed on kids whose mother slit their wrists

Mar 28, 2015, 13:00 IST | Sadaguru Pandit

Thane woman had slit their necks and her own wrists as well, and all three underwent surgery from 9.30 pm on Thursday night to 5.30 am the next morning

A domestic feud led to far more serious consequences than a broken heart for a Thane-based woman, who now faces an attempt to murder charge after she slashed her two young children’s wrists and necks with a kitchen knife, finally slitting her own wrists as well.

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Shalaka (28) and her son (3) and daughter (7) were found sitting in a pool of blood in their apartment in Naupada, Thane
Shalaka (28) and her son (3) and daughter (7) were found sitting in a pool of blood in their apartment in Naupada, Thane

Doctors had to perform a marathon 8-hour surgery to save the trio, who are still in a critical condition. mid-day had reported the incident, which took place around 7 pm on Thursday, in Naupada, Thane, where 28-year-old Shalaka Paranjpe resided with her husband and son Tanmay (3) and daughter Riya (7).

After a squabble with her husband, Shalaka put a kitchen knife to her children’s wrists and necks and then cut her own wrists as well (‘After fight with husband, woman slits toddlers’ and her wrists’, March 27). Her husband walked into the room just as she had finished, and found the three sitting still conscious in a pool of blood.

They were first rushed to a local hospital, but as their condition was serious, they were shifted to Jupiter Hospital, where doctors began surgery at 9.30 pm, finally finishing the next morning at 5.30 am.

According to the specialist treating the family, Dr Parag Lad (consultant orthopaedic, hand and reconstructive microsurgeon at Jupiter Hospital), the surgeries were successful but all three patients are critical and will remain for 48 hours.

The children are on ventilator support and the little boy’s condition is particularly serious since the cuts on his neck slightly damaged his trachea or windpipe. “While the mother was not in a state to give us the actual account of the incident, the injuries sustained by all three of them were severe.

We used two bottles of blood for each of them, since there was heavy blood loss. All three of them are in the ICU; the condition of the 3-year-old boy is a little more critical since he had slashes around his neck which slightly damaged his trachea.

The girl too sustained neck injuries, but no vital nerve or artery was harmed,” said Lad. Doctors said that recovery will take a long time, as the deep gashes on the wrists have damaged radial arteries and the median and ulnar nerves, as well as flexor tendons of all three patients.

The Naupada police station, has filed a case against Shalaka under Section 307 of IPC (attempt to murder) for putting the lives of her children in danger.

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