Thane gained Rs 33 lakh, lost Rs 50 cr in a month since LBT

May 08, 2013, 06:30 IST | Maithili Vaze

Claiming that Local Body Tax will help civic bodies earn higher revenue may not be an ideal argument for the authorities as TMC sees revenue fall by close to Rs 50 crore in a month

Now shopkeepers will find another reason to oppose the implementation of the Local Body Tax (LBT) in Mumbai. According to officials, after the imposition of LBT in Thane, the Thane Municipal Corporation had expected higher revenue in their kitty but much to its dismay, the civic body managed to earn a sum of Rs 33 lakh in a month as opposed to about Rs 50 crore it used to make from Octroi.

About 18,150 shopkeepers had registered their businesses with the corporation whereas a pending number of 2,200 are yet to register. However, the collection of Rs 33 lakh from 18,150 shopkeepers is throwing it in a tizzy.

Thane’s Deputy Municipal Commissioner, K D Nipurte said, “We expect more response from the shopkeepers, but the amount collected is not much. We can’t comment on whether LBT should be levied or not, it is for the government to decide on. We can only say that as the government has already taken the decision, the tax will be levied in Thane.”

Indefinite strike
Following the call for an indefinite strike by the Federation of Associations of Maharashtra (FAM) in Mumbai, shop owners from Thane will down shutters in protest of the Local Body Tax (LBT) from today. Shopkeepers are expected to suffer losses for the next few days but feel that the cause is bigger than its repercussions.

Over a lakh retailers will participate in the indefinite strike affecting the availability of every day necessities such as groceries for the next few days. However, essential services like medicines, milk supply and newspapers will remain operational. Druggists and chemists have planned to indefinitely shut down services starting May 10.

The common man will be affected as the rates of the goods will go up. - Vijay, retail store operator in Thane

I have not ordered for stationery supply for the next few days. I will have to bear losses. How will I feed my family? - Pravin Rawat, a stationery shop owner

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