Thane heist: 7 arrested so far, but mastermind still at large

Jul 01, 2016, 09:11 IST | Faisal Tandel

Cops claim 18 people were involved in the crime, which included both current as well as ex-employees

Seven people were arrested yesterday in connection with the R9.16 crore heist carried out in a Thane-based private company on Tuesday morning. Out of the 12 police teams formed to crack this case, more than two have carried out the arrests from various spots in Thane and Bhiwandi.

Senior police officers involved in the investigation had claimed that 18 people have carried out this smooth robbery, there is a mix of present and former employees of Checkmate service private company among them although they have questioned more than 40 people till now.

“We interrogated one of the present employees (who had claimed that the robbers threatened him if he did not cooperate) more than twice and found disparity in his statements. He is one of the arrested. He also gave other clues through which we started detaining others involved in the crime,” said a senior police officer, on condition of anonymity.

He further said that the teams are distributed in various places like Goa, Nashik, Tirupati, Jalna apart from Thane based on the clues given by the arrested seven.

Inside man
Police are tight-lipped about this case but a senior Thane police officer revealed that the theft might be the brainchild of a former employee, who also took help from few present employees along with other men having criminal background. Apart from questioning the 17 employees and two watchmen who were present during the time of the robbery, more than two present employees who were not present that night and five former employees were also called for questioning.

CCTV footage
The CCTV footage gathered from nearby shops, hotels, and different toll nakas across Thane, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai is also being scrutinised to ascertain the route the robbers might have taken after filling the loot in three drums and plastic bags. “We suspect that they hired three cars (two Eco and one Xylo) from private travelling agencies and we have seized one of the cars,” added the officer.

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