Thane policeman's heroic act saves toddler's life

Jan 16, 2016, 07:55 IST | Faisal Tandel

A police constable saved a two-year-old girl, who had climbed onto the parapet of a terrace flat in a three-storey building at Mumbra after being alerted by the crowd

A police constable’s quick thinking and quicker feet saved the life of a two-year-old girl recently. The toddler, who had climbed onto the parapet extending from the terrace of a three-storey building in Mumbra, was spotted by people in the area who informed the nearest police chowki about it. A constable managed to bend the locked terrace door with the help of a local boy and rescued the kid.

Kudan Bhamre with Rifa
Kudan Bhamre with Rifa

The incident took place on Thursday evening around 6 pm in Kausa Market where Aslam, a shop owner, lives in a terrace flat at Khatiza building along with his wife and three daughters, Heeram (7), Fariya (5) and Rifa (2).

Kudan Bhamre (31), a constable from Mumbra police station, who was at Kausa police chowki, heard people shouting.

“The building is right next to the police chowki and after I came out to see what was happening, a hawker came asking for help. A girl was sitting on a parapet of the third floor,” said Bhamre.

Bhamre along with a local boy quickly rushed to the building’s terrace and found the door locked. He said, “The iron door to the terrace was locked and we could bend it a little to make space for us to enter the terrace. I slowly moved to the parapet and rescued the girl.”

Bhamre further added, “Her mother claimed that since Rifa was sleeping she asked her five-year-old daughter Fariya to take care of her while she went out to pick up Heeram from tuitions and locked the door behind her. Parents should be alert and not so careless as to ask a 5-year-old to take care of a toddler.”

Fariya told Bhamre that after Rifa woke up and started crying she took her to the terrace and kept her on a bench placed right beside the terrace fence.

Fariya then started playing nearby and since the parapet was accessible for the toddler she climbed up the wall to reach there.

Aslam, who owns a shop of spices in Kausa Market, was thankful to the alert constable who saved his daughter’s life. “I get jitters just looking at the parapet. I am thankful to the constable who reached on time and saved my daughter without losing even a second,” said Aslam.

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