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Jul 26, 2012, 07:04 IST | Vedika Chaubey

Central Railway unveiled its new coaches yesterday, revealing significant modifications in second class and ladies compartments; however, passengers are not too thrilled about the changes

A spanking new paint job is usually enough to light up anyone’s face, but the newly redesigned cars of Central Railway (CR) local trains have left many passengers confused and irked. While passengers of second-class coaches have been provided with some much-needed relief in the form of cushioned seats similar to the ones in the first-class bogies, the ladies coaches have been painted bubblegum pink, and fitted with several reflective steel sheets to function as mirrors.

In the pink: A second-class ladies compartment from the newly-designed coaches of Central Railway, with a new paint job and reflective steel sheets. Pic/Atul Kamble

Though the initial response to the newly-designed second- class compartments was positive, first-class passengers are disgruntled, as they are now paying much more for essentially the same travelling conditions as provided in the second-class compartments. The work on the coaches had been going on for the last month, and they were unveiled to the public yesterday.

“I have not understood the reason behind putting mirrors, and painting the ladies coach pink. It doesn’t make any difference whether the coach is pink or red,” said a CR official. While first-class travellers are less than thrilled about the new design, passengers have reported another issue, of finding it difficult to differentiate between the first and second-class compartments. While the cushioned and non-cushioned seats were earlier used to contrast the coaches, the new designs are making it hard for travellers to tell one from the other.

According to senior CR officials, this rake has been started as a pilot project and will be subject to change in colour facilities, according to the feedback received from passengers.

“We welcome the passengers’ suggestions and complaints after the rake comes on track and runs between stations,” the official said.

Official speak
A K Singh, PRO, CR, said, “The thickness of cushions in first-class coaches including the backrest is 4 inches, and there are no full backrests in second-class coaches. Cushions provided in second- class coaches are only two inches thick. The first rake has started as a pilot project and it has been put in service since Wednesday.”

There would be no difference between the first and second-class ladies coaches. Putting mirrors and painting the cars pink is not the solution. They should first better their services.
— Priyanka Mehta, who commutes between Andheri and CST

The initiative is good, but of no use to us. How will passengers look into the mirror during a huge rush? I don’t think they will be of any benefit or use. The railways should do some upgrade for the first-class passengers as well.
— Keerti Ramani, who commutes between Mulund and Dadar

I find it interesting and it seems to be a good idea. We will be able to check ourselves before leaving the compartments, but I feel people will give more preference to seats facing the mirror.
— R Payal, a student from Vidyavihar

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