That's when I thought I was going to die: Ex-cricketer James Taylor

May 03, 2016, 08:16 IST | IANS

Former England batsman James Taylor recalls how his career-ending heart attack was caused when his chest got tight at a training session

London: Former England batsman James Taylor, who was forced to retire due to a serious heart condition, said he first believed that he was, “going to die.” Taylor, who featured in seven Tests and 27 ODIs, recalled the day when he felt uneasy during a practice session. “Towards the back end of the warm-up that’s when my chest started getting tight.

James Taylor
James Taylor

part from being tight, it was beating at a million miles an hour. We were doing just a couple of routine catches and throws,” Taylor was quoted as saying by the BBC on Sunday.

“My heart was going wild at a funny rhythm. It was probably only about four degrees, really cold, and I got inside. Sweat from me is hitting the ground hard.

So I knew I wasn’t right. And that’s when I thought I was going to die.” Asked how he is coping with the fact that he is not a cricketer anymore, Taylor said, “I think that’s been the hardest bit. When the doctor told me, I was in hysterics at first.

But then he told me that the majority of these cases are only found out in the post-mortem. I almost stopped crying at that point and felt more lucky.

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