The adda with hit-and-miss fundas

Feb 13, 2013, 01:08 IST | Kanika Sharma

The Coffee Adda, boasts of taking you down memory lane albeit with pinched pockets and a topsy-turvy food journey

There is always that one place that all of us spent in our college days, where all talk, discussions, fights or even clandestine dates happened. One wonders why that one peculiar place became the ‘adda’.

Masala Fry

We wondered if it was the food, the ambience or just the facility of suiting our not-so-deep pockets then as we strolled into the bright lemon yellow Coffee Adda in the bylanes of Lokhandwala. We were greeted with a colorful verandah and roof, bedecked with comfortably cushioned cane furniture.

In jarring contrast, the interiors housed dark wooden furniture. Giving into the mood of peppy Bollywood music, we conformed to our hosts’ recommendation of a Kullar Chai (R80) and Masala Fries (R150) that were attractively scribbled on a slate. It was endearing to see the quintessential Indian chai with ginger and a dash of spices in an alluring earthen pot (kullar).

The Kullar Chai with ginger and a dash of spices is served in an earthen pot. PICS/Nimesh Dave

The perfect tea was poured out from the iconic dhaabawala’s aluminum tea kettle definitely transporting us back in time. The classical French dish topped the charts as it was flawlessly rendered with a desi twist of sautéed garlic and generous seasoning of masala and chopped coriander leaves.

Our next order was Chicken Salami Sandwich with oregano and chilli flakes that failed to salivate us enough to hog the whole dish. As nostalgia was the palpable theme of the evening, we ordered Maggi with Fried Julienned Egg (R80) yet it failed to evoke the associated chutzpah.

By the time we decided to sate our sweet cravings with a Toblerone shake (R120) and a dramatic chocolate brownie en flambé (R150), we were sorely disappointed. All in all, the terrace provides one with a good spot to banter with a group of friends albeit with ordinary dishes.

Eating out
Coffee Adda
Food: inconsistent
Service: attentive
Ambience: vibrant

At MHB Colony, Adarsh Nagar, Andheri (W) Call 68888012
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