The alphonsoes are back!

May 26, 2013, 01:14 IST | Richa Pinto

The Devgad mangoes are gone. But fret not, a fresh batch of thousands of high-quality alphonsoes from Junnar near Pune will arrive in the city next week

The number of Devgad mangoes coming to the market may be less but mango lovers need not be disappointed. From the first week of June Junnar mangoes from Pune are all set to come into Vashi’s Agricultural Produce and Marketing Committee (APMC) in voluminous quantity.

Junnar mangoes, which come from Pune, are known for their sweet taste and flavour. Pic/Richa Pinto

Considering that this variety of the fruit enters the market when the mango produce from Maharashtra and Gujarat is either less or stops coming altogether, the initial few boxes of Junnar alphonsoes are known to fetch a premium price. Junnar mangoes, which come from Pune, are known for their sweet taste and flavour. This variety of the fruit is known to find numerous takers due to its taste.

A few boxes of Junnar have already started coming into the market since this week. Sanjay Pansare, fruit director of Vashi’s APMC market said, “A minimal number of boxes anywhere between 100-500 of this variety of mango has entered the market. But from June 5, we are expecting 10 trucks of this fruit to come into the market every day.

Each truck contains a minimum of 1,000 boxes of the fruit. Junnar comes at a time when Ratnagiri and Devgad mangoes have almost stopped coming into the market, so it has a high demand.” Junnar mangoes would last at APMC till the last week of June almost. The initial boxes of Junnar mangoes are known to fetch a premium price considering that they are extremely popular for its taste, saffron colour and flavour.

Although Devgad mangoes did not fetch a very good price this year unlike the previous years, traders at the APMC are hopeful that Junnar mangoes will have a decent market. Predicting the prices of these mangoes, Pansare said that initially per dozen of mangoes will cost Rs 400-500 in the retail market. 

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