The art of architecture

Sep 24, 2012, 10:02 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Head to Out of the Blue to witness the creations by talented architects and designers across the city

Here’s your chance to learn about the different elements of architecture as Out of the Blue brings artworks by different architects under one roof.

Kumar Mangwani’s artworks on display at Out of the Blue

 At its most recent exhibition, creations by various architects and designers from across the city have been displayed for art lovers. The architects who have showcased their works include Kumar Mangwani, Jitesh and Jaya, Makwana, Christopher Charles Beninger, Ramesh Edwenkar, Kunal Edwenkar, Shobha Bhopatkar, Suntosh Baheti and Rajeev Shah, among others.

Ranjan Gupta, CEO Out of the Blue, said “This event is just one such embodiment of this ideology, and the city will get to experience many more of these in the near future.”

 The project-montage is a visual descriptive of design variations, of how ideas evolve-after many interactive sessions into tangible elements, which playfully speak of a style, adding a subtle colour relish to the ambience. “At times, the design is an adherence to ‘form follows function’ but many a time it consciously tweaks this dictum into interplay of art forms to personally address the functions of its end user,” said Kumar Mangwani.

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