The art of motorcycle maintenance

Jun 01, 2012, 07:28 IST | Surekha S

Workshop Buffet will help make the urbanite a self-reliant soul through a series of workshops with experts. The first in the pipeline will be a workshop on tips and tricks to service your bike

This will come as good news for bikers. Kick starting things this Sunday, this motley breed can attend a workshop on the nitty gritties of motorcycle maintenance including the technical aspects on servicing bikes to ensure it always stays in top shape.

Learn to service your bike from bike expert Sandeep Gawad

Before taking off on a long road trip on your favourite mean machine, have you ever wondered what would you do if your bike breaks down? When this thought crossed the mind of 29-year-old Mumbai-based entrepreneur Raj Shah, he decided to organise a workshop that would equip youngsters to handle such situations with ease. The workshop called My bike, My kick, to be held this Sunday will be conducted by Sandeep Gawad, an experienced bike mechanic, who has serviced over 15,000 bikes in the last 18 years.

Work the shop
“It is an all-day workshop, where bikers can learn about the engine, how to fix the break liner, how to check the engine oil and a lot more,” explains Shah. “I have a bike and I love riding. When I would go to the garage for my bike problems, I felt if I knew more about the bike, I would be fleeced at least 50 % less,” he shares. Though he works for his family’s real estate business, Shah started Workshop Buffet with an aim to hold sessions to help ease people’s woes. “I have many friends who work hard and make a lot of money, but don’t manage to save too much. I felt that a workshop where he/she is given advice on saving or investments would be a good idea. There seems to be a need for workshops that will help make things easier,” explains Shah.

Dig into the Buffet
Other workshops that are being planned by Workshop Buffet include a workshop on how to use technology to the maximum — including Internet, iPods, iPads and more; kitchen gardening, money management, photography workshop and more. “Workshops on basics of carpentry, electricals and plumbing are being conceived,” he says adding, “If there is any workshop that a certain number of people want, they can contact me and I will work at making it happen.” Shah also plans to conduct workshops on mechanics and carpentry for youngsters from lower socio-economic backgrounds to provide them with a means of livelihood. “I hope to get companies to sponsor such workshops as an extension of their CSR,” he shares.

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