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Oct 04, 2015, 06:36 IST | Benita Fernando

The city’s top hotels have great collections of art. Benita Fernando finds out how you can have a dekho

St Regis, Lower Parel
-- Deepti Dadlani, director, communications and marketing
Our set is put together from The Arts Trust, the personal collection of [the director of Palladium] Gayatri Ruia and Phillips Antiques. We are known for our taste in art world over, right from the iconic mural at The St Regis New York’s King Cole Bar. The same vision has been extended here to our piece de resistance — a mural at the St Regis Bar, commissioned to award-winning artist GR Iranna. We also have works by masters such as SH Raza, MF Hussain and Jogen Chaudhary.
WHEN: 5.30 pm, Wednesdays and Fridays
CALL: 61628000

A mural by GR Iranna at The St Regis Bar
A mural by GR Iranna at The St Regis Bar

Grand Hyatt, Santacruz East -- Sunjae Sharma, general manager
The complex showcases over 100 commissioned artworks by established and upcoming artists showcased curated by Rajeev Sethi. The art is conceived as homage to the mythic and contemporary presence of Shiva, who embodies the interplay of the opposites: tranquillity and agitation; love and wrath, and creation and destruction. Some examples are Sethi’s five-part installation Sadashiva in the form of a puzzle, and Basti by Hema Upadhyay.
WHEN: Daily, 9 am — 11 pm
CALL: 66761234

Grand Hyatt

Le Sutra, Bandra West
-- Priyanka Vachhani, marketing manager
The hotel is conceptualised around the three gunas: tamas, rajas and sattva. The colours and décor change according to the gunas and each room has miniatures, murals, furniture, frescoes and paintings on the themes. The Ravana room, for example, has a chair with a horn and a gadha, things representing the mythological villain, and a bathroom with 10 pairs of eyes. Artists routinely exhibit at the gallery; in the past we have had works by Ajay Gulati, Nilesh Vede and Seema Kohli.
Art tours on request
Call: 66420025

Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai
— Taljinder Singh, area director
The Taj Mahal Palace houses 4,000 artworks that reflect an important era of creativity in Indian history. Works by Jamini Roy, Jehangir Sabavala, Bose Krishnamachari and Krishen Khanna are part of our collection. The tour takes you through the hotel, from the lobby which features an MF Hussain masterpiece to the Ball Room, Harbour Bar and the Palace Lounge. Mortimer Chatterjee, art consultant, and I look into the collection’s maintenance.
Art tours on request
Call: 66653366

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