The Auxus Nuclea N1 shares similar features with the Spice Coolpad Mi-515

Aug 19, 2013, 08:55 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Blame it on the Chinese manufacturers, but Auxus Nuclea N1 is too similar to the rather not-so-cool Spice Coolpad Mi-515

Our first impression, of the recently launched dual-SIM Auxus Nuclea N1 by iBerry, was upsetting. It didn’t look anything like what we had imagined. The specs on the pack look impressive -- 1.5Ghz MT6589T quadcore processor, a high-resolution screen (1080x1920), 1 GB RAM, 13MP camera and dual SIM connectivity (2G as well as 3G). But here’s the thing: some things look good only on paper, and as we to found out, this iBerry falls into that trap.

The CPU is a decent 1.5GHz ARM processor, but it’s not the turbo edition of the MT6589, as the company claims. We were impressed with the colour reproduction and pixel density of the 1080p AMLCD touch screen. It is superb; in fact, one of the best and brightest, but it feels rough, making it difficult to maneuver your finger around. An unfortunate thing is that the front speaker is not working.

The battery lasts for 8 to 10 hours in regular use (both SIM cards active), but it has a heating problem like the Spice Coolpad Mi-515 that we had reviewed few months ago, as both had similar specs. It looks similar too, except for a metal finish on the sides, which is stylish, but the feel-good look is compromised, thanks to a metal plate, placed right next to the front camera.

We weren’t sure if we got the right product for review. It’s good to see that iBerry has at least applied some effort to make the Nuclea N1 stand out in the pack, as it sports a slightly tweaked user interface (UI) and menu, making it easier to
manage apps.

But not all changes are feel-good; here, the main buttons seems to be reversed. Unlike most Android phones, the back keys appear first, next, Home and finally, Options, which can be irritating for regular users.

The lone relief is that unlike the Coolpad, the Nuclea N1 doesn’t hurt your eyesight while on a call. It also has a relatively better set of accessories in the box including a charger, USB cable and earphones.

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