The baby girl born at 11:11:11 on 11.11.11

Published: 12 November, 2011 02:30 IST | Nivedita Dargalkar |

A complication and an insistent priest led the Savanis to schedule a C-section delivered dot on the much-hyped auspicious second; doctors thrilled with clinical precision of delivery

A complication and an insistent priest led the Savanis to schedule a C-section delivered dot on the much-hyped auspicious second; doctors thrilled with clinical precision of delivery

Like all new parents, Nayan and Urvee Savani can't stop gazing at their baby girl in adoration. She was born at the 11th second after 11.11 am on November 11, 2011. The date and time that has been touted as auspicious was all the more so for the Savanis because they had not pre-planned for the delivery to take place at the glorified moment, at least not until midnight. 

The timekeepers' daughter: During the C-section, the anaesthetist
in the labour room
started a countdown from 11 at 11:11, and at the
end of it, the doctor lifted the baby out of the womb.
Pic/Satyajit Desai

11th-hour change
It was a complication that led to the birth being rescheduled for the opportune time. Dr Meera Agarwal from Agarwal Nursing Home in Bandra said, "Urvee's due date was November 7. However, she did not experience any labour pains thereafter. Her sonography reports on November 10 revealed that the baby had two loops of the umbilical chord around its neck. Also, Urvee's cervix had not enlarged enough for the baby to pass through. So we decided to go for a C-section the next day," said Agarwal.

Since Agarwal already had a C-section planned for 11 am the next day, the Savanis were slotted for 2.15 pm. "But when we consulted our family priest, he insisted that the baby should be born at the 11th second at 11.11 am on November 11, as the mahurat was very auspicious," said Nayan. The couple then called up Agarwal at midnight and made the request of delivering their baby at the 11th second of 11.11 am.

On tenterhooks
"I have carried out several C-sections at specific times and mahurats but never at a specific second. But I decided to carry out the delivery at the precise time because I thought of it as very challenging and interesting at the same time," said Dr Agarwal. She convinced the C-section patient slotted for 11 am to go for a different time slot the same day.

Delivering the baby at the precise 11th second required meticulous time planning. Agarwal and her team of seven experts including paediatrician Dr Priyam Gupta and anaesthetist Dr Nutan Irani carried out this task successfully.

"Urvee was given spinal anaesthetic dot on 10.50 am and by 11 am, her motor and sensory senses below the waist became numb. But she was conscious and witnessed her entire delivery," said Irani. "As the clock struck 11 am, I carried out the skin incision. At 11.11 am, I made the uterine incision and asked the anaesthetist to begin the countdown. Precisely at the 11th second, I removed the baby from the womb," Agarwal said.

Relief and joy waved through the entire labour room after the precision delivery. Irani said, "I shall never forget those 11 thrilling seconds of my life." "The mother and the baby are healthy. The baby's weight at birth was 3.3 kg," said Gupta. "In my career of 38 years, I shall always cherish this particular delivery," said Agarwal.

Parents overjoyed
An overwhelmed Urvee said, "I am thrilled to have delivered my baby girl at the 11th second of 11.11 am on November 11, 2011." An elated Nayan, who can't stop cuddling his bundle of joy, said, "What is really amazing
is that we had nothing planned till the eve of the delivery. I consider myself lucky that all the things just fell in place for us."

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