The 'band'wagon gets louder!

Jan 07, 2013, 11:29 IST | The Centre Stage team

The three month long 'bindass REST LESS band hunt' concluded last weekend with the finale of Bacardi NH7 Weekender in the Garden City � Bangalore.

It gave four lucky bands, chosen out of thousands of entries a chance to perform live in the three Bacardi NH7 Weekender venues — namely Delhi, Pune and Bangalore.

The bands were carefully selected after a stringent auditions process. The best from this lot were then selected to perform on the bindass Fully Fantastic Stage at the Bacardi NH7 in each city!

Modern Mafia performs in Pune

Out of the thousands of the entries received online, Caesars of the Green, Outdoorsman, Urban Earlymen and Phobia were selected for the Delhi band hunt performance.

For the Mumbai band hunt, Modern Mafia, The Fringe Pop, Drawing Short Straws and The Riot Peddlers were selected. Bangalore saw Scratch Cards, Hungry, Clown With A Frown and the Indus Valley Project being selected among the otherbands.

The final round in Delhi was judged by electronica artist Sahej Bakshi (Dualist Inquiry), drummer of Them Clones, Surojit Dev, and CEO of Only Much Louder, Vijay Nair, in which Caesars of the green got an opportunity to perform live at the NH7.

Editor of, Arjun S Ravi, Sidd Coutto (of Tough on Tobacco) and Editor of Rolling Stone India, Lalitha Suhasini awarded Modern Mafia with an opportunity to open the Fully Fantastic Stage at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Pune. While, in Bangalore, Clown with A Frown were the chosen one for the act by Gaurav Vaz (of The Raghu Dixit Project) and co-founder Shreyas Srinivasan. 

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