The Bhatts take London

Oct 03, 2013, 07:39 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

"At my most fave restaurant in the whole world. San Lorenzo we have been apart too long! Bellissimo!" posted our friend, the actress and soon-to-be director Soni Razdan, wife of Mahesh and mother to rising young star Alia Bhatt, from London, about the world famous eatery

>> “At my most fave restaurant in the whole world. San Lorenzo we have been apart too long! Bellissimo!” posted our friend, the actress and soon-to-be director Soni Razdan, wife of Mahesh and mother to rising young star Alia Bhatt, from London, about the world famous eatery.

Soni Razdan 

But given her interest in theatre, Razdan’s London darshan tickled more than her taste buds. “Last night caught one of the best plays I have ever seen: Chimerica by 29-year-old Lucy Kirkwood.

Alia Bhatt

What insight into the lives of humans,” she exulted, adding, “Alia enjoyed it too. Note to self — see more theatre hopefully with daughters.” Er, but wouldn’t that interfere with their Bollywood ambitions? After all, the West End’s a long way off from Film City!

Irish whispers
>> And more from the ever spirited Anil Dharker camp: this Saturday, the writer and literary impresario will be hosting a unique evening that combines his interest in poetry and Irish whiskies, when local poets like Ranjit Hoskote, Gieve Patel and Gerson da Cunha will read from the works of Seamus Heaney (whom the evening is dedicated to), George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett and Oscar Wilde, in the presence of the Irish ambassador to India Fellim McLaughlin and other worthies.

Anil Dharker

“As you know, Ireland has produced some of history’s most remarkable literary figures, and extracts from their works will be read by some of our leading poets. The evening will end, rather pleasantly, with drinks and dinner,” says Dharker. Come to think of it, we cannot decide what is more intoxicating, the great literary and cultural canon of Ireland, or the equally beguiling produce from their famous distilleries.

Ranjit Hoskote

In fact, ‘Bushmills, Cadenhead’s Peated Single Malt, Clonmel Single Malt Clontarf, Connemara, Erin Go Bragh and Inish Beg Turk Single Malt’ could well be a stanza of a poem.

Seamus Heaney

The beautiful and damned
>> So now that the split of one of Bollywood’s best looking couples is more or less inevitable (even the most charitable in the media couldn’t avoid noticing the signs), all kinds of various theories are doing the rounds about the reasons for the breakup. The first is that the hunky actor’s wife, who had turned a blind eye to his other rumoured dalliances, regarded the act of his signing a movie with his old flame, an actress he was rumoured to have dated before their marriage — as an act of betrayal and the last straw. Insiders know that this pairing — though one with immense box office potential — had been off limits for the actor for quite a while due to his wife’s insecurity. The fact that they have been paired in a new movie by a hot young director was a red flag in the wife’s face. The other less credible story is that the actor’s wife herself was seeing another hunky married star. There’s no denying that the two had been seen together, but then again, it was mostly as a foursome with their spouses along. According to an insider, the bonhomie was predicated more on their preference for similar leisure activities rather than a relationship. Whatever the reasons, the tragedy of the breakup is exacerbated further by
its unfortunate timing — just before the release of a make-or-break film! Who said being rich famous and beautiful is easy?

New SoBo restobar
>> And word comes in of another instance of Gen Next rising: The 25-year-old Avi Mittal, scion of Mittal Builders and Developers, is soon to launch a restobar called Town House Café, next to Sterling cinema, for which he is the brand ambassador too.

Avi Mittal

To announce this, the young entrepreneur, who did a course in hospitality and tourism from Switzerland, and Entrepreneurship Management from the London Business School, will be hosting a party this weekend. “Close politicians, builder and celebrity friends including, Wadhwa builders, the Narangs, and his family will be a part of the evening,” says his spokesperson. Another weekend, another SoBo hotspot launched. The silly season is upon us!

Salaam Mumbai: The dawn of civilisation
Ever since I caught a YouTube clip of new-age guru Robin Sharma, urging viewers to join his 5 am Club, wake at dawn and exult in the calm and empowering bliss of the morning hours, I have been seized by the idea.

No matter that I have never been an early morning riser, that I sleep late and enjoy my best creative hours at night, or that I am, by persuasion a night owl.

So convincing has Mr Sharma been about the benefits of this ritual and the impact it has on the rest of one’s day and life especially if you ‘Jump out of bed’ and practise his 20:20:20 routine (don’t even ask), that for the last three days, I have been setting my alarm for five and trying very hard to force my body clock to behave.

The thing is that the harder I try to sleep early to get up at 5, the more confounding it gets. You just have to do it for 66 days, says Mr Sharma who sold his Ferrari recently, and then it gets to be a habit.

Well, for some people, I say. But I’m not giving up. Because after three nights of struggle, here’s what I’ve learnt: there’s absolutely no reason I cannot join
Mr Sharma and his eager beaver early risers at their 5 am shenanigans.

All I do now is stay up all night, reading writing surfing, until my alarm rings at 5, exult in the beautiful empowering and calm dawns that Sharma talks about and then go right back to sleep!

It’s counter intuitive. But hey, it works.

I’m not sure though, what Mr Sharma would say.  

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