The big, dry disaster of a burger

Apr 03, 2013, 00:11 IST | Dhara Vora

Love a good burger? New burger joint in Bandra, The Big Burger, will disappoint the juicy-patty lover in you

Diets aside, we have a special place for melted cheese that is slathered on crusty patties sandwiched between fresh iceberg leaves and sesame-topped buns, aka the burger. For obvious reasons, as we walked on the Carter Road, two burger joints in one lane seemed like paradise.

The Arabic Burger was bland and dry. Pics/Dhara Vora

A big red bus makes for a quirky interior of The Big Burger, which provides a few tables to sit in. The eatery specialises in hot dogs and burgers, with ready-to-fry side orders such as fries, hash browns and chicken nuggets. Vegetarians are left with only four choices while non-vegetarians have plenty of chicken and mutton patties to chew on.

For our first order we asked for a Miami Burger (Rs 80) and a Classic Hotdog (Rs 100). If you order a combo with a soft drink and side order you get a discount of Rs 10, but sadly they had no colas (someone tell them they are running a burger joint). Lemon and orange fizzy drinks are what we had to settle for. What pinched us was an extra 10 bucks for a nominal slice of cheese on our imagined bun delicacy.

The Shawarma Hotdog had less of the spicy sauce and a few fries to bracket it as a shawarma

Shockingly, the patty of the Miami Burger was dry and the core ingredient — jalapeno sauce — was missing. Another blasphemy was the Classic Hotdog, which had no mustard sauce in it, and when asked for, they said we would be charged extra! Thankfully, the sausage was fine but without the sauces both the burger and the hotdog were dry. As for the side orders of wedges and hash browns, you can’t really go wrong with read-to-fry options.

Next we ordered a Shawarma Dog (Rs 120) and an Arabic Chicken Burger (Rs 120), interesting sounds we thought. In the name of a Shawarma Dog, all we got was a hotdog with a hint of spicy sauce, decorated with four fries. Our dreams of sausage in pita bread with juicy sauces were pretty much shattered. It seemed the cooks enjoyed going scrooge as the dry run continued with the Arabic Burger. In the end we questioned the whys and wherefores of this burger joint and decided to make a dash for the regular burger chains and pay half the price.

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