The big, fat English breakfast goes meat-free

May 28, 2012, 07:31 IST | Tanveer Bookwala

The all-day breakfast menu at this eggetarian caf � in Andheri serves up some hearty fare, but non-vegetarians might have to look elsewhere

A great place for an early-morning feast, this eggetarian Indian-Australian eatery serves up some expensive, but delicious breakfast treats, including ingenious meat-free omelettes, pancakes and smoothies.

The Hash Browns topped with in-house marmalade are easily the best hash browns served this side of the city

The quaint eatery shielded by a canopy is furnished with wooden tables and has an indoor and outdoor seating area. Service is quick, so before you know it, you will be tucking into perfectly done double-fried eggs and creamy Bailey’s Mousse.

As soon as you enter the breakfast bistro, Hardik Parekh, the effusive proprietor, greets you with a smile and lets you know that the all-day breakfast place that is open seven days a week, opens at 8.30 am.

The Kadak Chai was delightfully kadak, though you might have to remind them to serve the sugar alongside

We begin our meal with the Eggs To Order (` 125). The eggs are double-fried, as requested, and served over bread, with hash browns. We wish, however, that they had asked if we would prefer to have the bread served on the side, instead.

Having said that, the eggs were perfectly cooked. The accompanying hash browns topped with in-house marmalade were outstanding. Easily the best hash browns, this side of town!

The Kadak Chai (` 60) was a strong, well-blended concoction. No complaints there, except that the sugar wasn’t added and there was no sugar served at the table either, which was rather anti-climactic.

The Bailey’s Chocolate Mousse (` 175) was smooth and flavoursome, but strangely a little stringy. Not the most outstanding mousse in the world, especially not at that price!

So, here’s the deal: Melange is Australian home-style cooking, served with a dash of desi chutzpah. But here’s the problem: While it is a haven for eggetarians (they even dole out some veggie fare), they cop out on the meat front. So, lovers of the big, non-vegetarian breakfast, comprising bacon and eggs, or sausages served beside a hearty omelette will have to look elsewhere.

Also, while the menu distinctly states that prices are inclusive of taxes and service charges, they aren’t, which served as a rather rude surprise at the end of our meat-free meal.

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