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Sep 06, 2011, 10:20 IST | Piali Dasgupta

Designers Manoviraj Khosla and Deepika Govind will represent the city in a fashion event in Chennai that aims at reviving Kanjeevarams by using Swarovski

Designers Manoviraj Khosla and Deepika Govind will represent the city in a fashion event in Chennai that aims at reviving Kanjeevarams by using Swarovski

Come Friday and two eminent Bangalore designers will represent the city at a Swarovski Fashion event in Chennai. Deepika Govind and Manoviraj Khosla from Bangalore will join designers Rehane, Vivek Karunakaran and Chaitanya Rao from Chennai and jewellery designer Suhani Pittie from Hyderabad along with some of the biggest silk houses in the country for the fashion extravaganza choreographed by Bangalore's very own fashion guru Prasad Bidapa. City models Priya Nayak, Jackie Shetty, Apoorva and Mitali will walk the ramp with Mumbai ramp scorchers Jesse Randhawa, Rachel, Nethra Raghuraman, Camilla and Amanda.

The show will highlight a one-of-a-kind synergy between swarovski crystals and the traditional Kanjeevaram saree. Says Prasad, "In India, the textile tradition is almost like art. But just like art, textiles get dated and stuck in a rut, be it khadi or any of the silks. The true beauty of the craft lies in the fact that it can update itself easily. Swarovski as an  embellishment gives Kanjeevaram a young twist. So it's a fantastic collaboration, using the world's leading embellishment and one of the oldest Indian textiles where the embellishment is woven in. Indian textiles are the truest form of luxury and India is the biggest consumer of Swarovski."

Each designer will showcase a collection of six pieces, using Swarovski. Manoviraj, the only one showing a men's line, has a black velvet Autumn Winter evening line, part of which has premiered in the recently concluded Men's Fashion Week in Delhi. Named Sinnerman after the American spiritual song popularised by Nina Simone (the song will play in the background), the line is playful and for someone who's young at heart and fun. 

While most designers shy away from using velvet as the primary fabric, Manoviraj has taken this bold step because he finds the fabric dressy and chic. "When embellished with Swarvoski, it looks dressier. I have used it sparingly, combining the small and large pieces in the form of an emblem or geometrical motifs like a cross, two parallel lines or as other features on the chest pocket and sleeves. The only accessory the men wear are scarves. It's a fantastic embellishement open to interpretation," he says.

Agrees Deepika, whose collection titled The Magical Kavacha of Vishpala, uses Kanjeevaram and Upaada to create a couture line that premieres at the show. Inspired by the warrior queen Vishpala from the ancient Rig Veda, the collection features sarees, lenhengas and kurtas in these fabrics with Swarovski used in a way that's reminiscent of Tanjore paintings. "Swarovski has been used on the torso, borders, amidst the motifs like flowers. The models will wear the traditional South Indian tika bindi and hand crafted kadas to give the collection a distinct southern flavour. I'm a South Indian and always wanted to bring Kanjeevaram to the forefront of wedding wear in India. Everyone has seen the depth and variety of the woven textile. Swarovski
crystals as the embellishment  adds an interesting twist," states Deepika. 

As for her inspiration, she says, "Vishpala's a mythological character who lost her leg and got an iron cast to fight the battle. Be it the Joan of Arc, rani of Jhansi or Vishpala, I love spirited, courageous women. Power shoulders and epaulettes  underlining the strength of the collection are complemented by the drapes at the bottom," she reveals. 

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