The Big Jam Theory!

Feb 27, 2013, 03:21 IST | Aanchal Kurmi

Swig is hosting its first Big Jam session of the year and will feature songs by Vasuda Sharma performed by city musicians

If music be food for the soul then a feast awaits you at the Big Jam session that is being hosted at Swig where you can listen to original songs by Vasuda Sharma, an aspiring singer/songwriter from Mumbai and an alumnus from the Berklee College of Music as performed by 12 musicians from the city.

Drummer Vatayan

Attuned Spirits is the title of Sharma’s first solo project. It includes songs sung, written, composed and arranged by Sharma and features young musicians from every corner of the world. It is a collaborative effort of musicians from Canada, Croatia, Korea, Norway, Jordan, Palestine, Turkey, Virginia, Israel, Egypt and India.

“Äll the musicians are friends from Berklee. My compositions are influenced by tidbits of music from where they belong and the culture they represent. It’s a collaboration of different spirits who are bound by music. Hence, the moniker — Attuned Spirits,” explains Sharma.


Quiz her about her genre of music and she quips: “It is out and out Indian with influences of Hindustani Classical and Folk ragas with a blend of western contemporary. The arrangement is western as well.”

Sharma has chosen to go independent and not opt for the backing of a music label as she doesn’t believe in compromising on the kind of music she wants to create. Her album is based on the crowd funding platform.

The Big Jam will feature more than 10 musicians coming together and creating an aura of variations in tempos and styles and canvassing for Attuned Spirits.

Koco of Agnee fame will be performing in the gig

At the musical soiree you can listen to Sharma’s compositions and the funds collected from the gig will be added to the crowd funding initiative.

Started at the end of 2011, the concept of the quarterly Big Jam is all about having a backing band (Guitar/Bass/Drums) while eight to ten guest musicians are invited to come and jam with and there are interesting collaborations with instruments varying from guitars to percussion and from horn sections to various Indian instruments.

The jams that have been held so far have featured Koko and Mohan from Agnee, Sanjay Joseph, Derek Julian, Jayant S, Rahul Chatterjee, Tua (Swiss Trumpet player), Abe Kunin (Jazz Guitar player from NZ), Gandhaar (Indian Flute), Praashekh Borkar (Sarod) and Bhushan Marathe (vocals and Tabla).

On Today, 9 pm onwards
At 28/2, North Main Road, SBI Training Centre, North Main Road, Koregaon Park. 

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